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Friday, July 13, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012!

Oh snap, Steam's Summer Sale has begun, and there are so many things on sale now! If you haven't seen some of my reviews for Steam games, particularly Terraria, Sequence, Just Cause 2, Gyromancer, Duke Nukem Forever, and Space Pirates And Zombies, now may be a good time to check them out, in case you find some of these at the best sale prices that you would find them in. I had plans on doing a review for Beat Hazard, Recettear, Chantelise, Bastion, Gratuitous Space Battles, Trine, and more, but it seems my schedule has been too busy for that at the moment.
It seems like they will put games up on even greater sales every 8 hours or so, and by community vote as well on what game should go on sale. Hooray for democracy? Well, if you see a game that you want, might as well vote for it to go on sale. Maybe it'll get that nice 75% off discount within a few hours after voting. If your wishlist is a decent size, you'll surely want to be keeping an eye on Steam until July 22nd, when the sale ends.

Well, I know when I'll be doing another Backlog Update post.

Edit: Well, it seems like Steam has also just added an achievement system for this sale as well, although a bit more community-based than it is about collecting newly added achievements within some Steam games. For all those achievement-hunters out there, some of these might be some easy things you can do to add more bragging rights to your Steam account. You can find the details on the right side, right below the poll for what game should go on sale next. 

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