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Monday, July 2, 2012

Poll - Diablo III Classes

Here are the results for the last poll regarding Diablo III.

What is your favorite class in Diablo III?
I don't play Diablo III. - 8 votes
Barbarian - 2 votes
Wizard - 2 votes
Monk - 2 votes
Witch Doctor - 1 vote
Demon Hunter - 0 votes

So it's surprising that no one voted for Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter seems to be fairly popular in terms of being able to dish out lots of DPS safely.. supposedly? But I got 0 votes here. I have a Demon Hunter that's still in Normal Act II, and I like how they are fairly mobile.

The only character I have at level 60 however, is my Barbarian. I like how tanky they can be by being able to charge in, brush off some damage, or simply stun a bunch of enemies. If not a tanky build, I like playing with the crit-build as well to deal lots of damage quickly. Unfortunately, Inferno is a bit too difficult for me, so I can't really say much about an effective build for farming Inferno at the moment. I certainly do need to raise my DPS much higher though by getting some better weapons and such.

I'm not sure if I feel up to leveling the rest of my classes very much though. I can't exactly say that I enjoy Diablo III all that much; especially not with my huge backlog as it is. That, and it's gotten to the point where the game feels like a grind, and I've been long-past the point where mindless grinding is boring. The games that I've been interested in lately seems to be more competitive games in terms of skills and strategy, like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, and Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary. As far as Diablo III goes, there are no win or lose; it's just an addiction tool by having bonuses for playing longer with Nephalem's Valor (for level 60s), having a negligible death penalty that seems to encourage getting revenge by jumping right back to where you died to take down what took you down, and what does getting strong enough for doing Inferno mean? Getting a bunch of good equips that plenty of other players have already filled the Auction House with, and you can either add more to the supply of good equips, or get stronger so you can do the same farming runs over and over slightly more efficiently.

I feel like addiction is hardly a good reason to keep playing games, and I feel that I need a rewarding goal to keep me interested. Usually the story of the game is the main reward for playing a game for me. Otherwise, Professor Layton games could be the same as one of those crossword puzzles and stuff on your newspaper. In the case of UMVC3 and Puyo Pop, those are games that are simply fun to play because of how each move is fairly thought-provoking. There are many things that can happen in the game with many options, which you have to make quick decisions to be competitive. Diablo III on the other hand, you pick a build, you stick with your game plan with only 6 moves, against your enemies with fairly predictable, simple AI. Heck, compared to Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the action feels lackluster, the RPG elements are weak, and the overall game just feels like it lacks depth.

I wonder if things will be different with Diablo III when PVP becomes available, but I'm not entirely sure if I care so much for PVP in D3 either. Being that I have trouble farming in Inferno, there's little chance of me faring well against the serious players who would also be interested in PVP. That's another thing about grindy MMORPGs that I dislike too. People will have different strengths depending on how many hours they've spent on the game as opposed to having evenly matched people and the battle being reliant on skills. Guild Wars is great with how they handle PVP, and I feel that Rusty Hearts has more depth in their gameplay than Diablo III does too, while having similar, randomized equipment bonuses too. I feel that PVP in Rusty Hearts will still be better than PVP in Diablo III given the simple gameplay.

The idea of me playing D3 though is to possibly sell equips for real money, but without being able to farm in Inferno, there's little to no hope in making money that way. ._. Maybe I should do a little more research on how to do it, and maybe farm up some more gold to buy better equipments from the Auction House. Other than that though, I can't see myself playing it for fun. I'd rather make some real money by having a more respectable job.

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