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Monday, July 16, 2012

Poll - Trafficing

Here we are with another poll result, this time providing an additional stat on where people find The Code of Truth from.

How did you find this blog?
Google search - 9 votes
Linked by a friend - 2 votes
Locke Trufeld's profile - 2 votes
Other - 1 vote
Other searches - 0 votes
Linked from another site - 0 votes
Random blog link - 0 votes

It appears that I seem to have accumulated some content on the site that gets Google searched quite a lot, as shown in the Over 9000 Page View post. But I wanted to see whether if there were anywhere else people may have came from to reach this site as well; partially curious as to whether if my attempt at advertising (barely) had any impact on the site's traffic. It turns out that it DOES indeed get some traffic, and any additional traffic is usually a good thing.

Now, what I did was mostly put a link to the site on my profile on all the sites that I am registered on. Not the most attention-getting method of advertising, but with many sites out there having rules against free advertising on their sites, this is probably the safest way of doing so. If I was still active in some message forums, I would definitely put a small banner in my signature with a link to The Code. My posts would have the same writing style as what you see here, so I would assume that those who find value in my contributions to the community in the message forum would surely enjoy some of the posts I have here on the site. In fact, it is most likely that I would end up posting a link to a certain page on this site in a message forum depending on the relevance of the topic, and whether if I have already said what I would have said on the message forum.

Also, I think it's only natural that I don't have many traffic coming from other sites, aside from my profile, because I hadn't really asked around my friends' sites to be affiliated with yet either. I feel compelled to add more to the site before I start doing affiliates at the moment. Maybe because I'm not exactly sure where I would put the affiliates on The Code of Truth. I'm worried that the section on the right might start getting a bit cluttered if I do that, if it isn't already. Ultimately, I should just break out of the template and design my own site layout that would better accommodate all the features that I have on the site.

As much as I'd like to increase my traffic some more, I feel that I need to invest my time wisely and advertising certainly isn't something that I would rank as high up on the priority list as much as it is to keep writing more articles and reviews. The ideal thing would be to write things that are popular enough to get people to share them with others naturally. Get noticed more by the quality of the content than to shove the site into people's faces. When The Code of Truth gets that reputation, I'll spend a little more time on getting the site more additional traffic.

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