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Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Money on Jokeroo

So I've had a link going to in my list of Cool places links for quite a while. During this time, they've undergone quite a few changes in how much they pay out to their users. At first, they started at 10 cents per reaction and Facebook likes you gave, up to 5 max per day each. Then, they reduced it to 2 cents for a while, and just recently, brought it back to 10 cents per reaction, but removed the Facebook like option it seems. Regardless, they also seem to have added another requirement for cashing out the money you have accumulated on your account by having to have contributed a picture or video that gets approved on Jokeroo. So I decided to upload a few things that I have slapped together real quick.

The way this works is first, you log into Jokeroo. If you don't have an account, making one is easy and free. Of course, if you want to get paid, you'll have to have PayPal or some method of receiving the money digitally, so you'll want to connect your PayPal account to your Jokeroo account too.

It turns out most of the things I've taken pictures of are of Firion, and not many funny things. Heck, I barely saw myself in my photos either, so I haven't found a worthy picture to put for my profile image on Jokeroo. But these are some of the things that I did have that I found to be funny. The first one, I've already written about in this blog post, but I updated it a bit by turning it into a Demotivational Poster.
These are somewhat of an experiment for me to see whether if any of these will get many reactions, but I'm hoping that I'll find something that will get accepted by Jokeroo.

I should try to see if I can get a funny picture of Firion or something, as soon as I get what I want... >_<

Edit (9/23/2013): Ultimately, I gave up on the site. I wasn't able to cash out what "money" I was able to accumulate. The link to the site has been removed from the Cool places list.

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