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Sunday, February 12, 2012

KoL - My HCNP Run Day 5? Analysis

Click here for the details and Day 1 of this run analysis.
Click here for Day 2 analysis. 
Click here for Day 3 analysis.
Click here for Day 4 fail.

Day 5? - Goal: Finish the run.
Level 11 to 13

Well... this run certainly ended as an embarrassment. Makes me feel like a fool for even bothering with this guide. If it helped you out though in any way, I'm glad this wasn't a complete waste. I would have liked this to be a better example though, and the next time I write a HCNP guide, it'll be when I can consistently get a 4 day run.

In fact, due to the lack of time I have on my hands again, partly due to lack of sleep, mostly due to me being dragged around places, I'm just going to record the adventures spent below.

Adventure Count for Day 5?
40 Banked from yesterday
+ 41 : Rollover + Fashionably Late
+ 26 : Used 3 Agua de Vida.
+ 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 9, 7 : Drank 6 Astral Pilsner, Black & Tan, and Flute of flat Champagne with Ode. 
- 26 : Spent in Palindome.
- 3 : Spent in Cobb's Knob Laboratory.
- 10 : Spent in Whitey's Grove.
- 1 : Spent in Cobb's Knob Laboratory for Mega Gem.
- 3 : Spent in Haunted Wine Cellar.
- 1 : Spent in Hidden City to find last altar.
- 1 : Spent identifying which sphere is which, due to lack of planning ahead previously.
- 4 : Spent placing spheres in altars. 
- 3 : Spent killing the Protector Spectre, Lord Spookyraven, and Dr. Awkward.
- 8 : Spent in Arid, Extra-Dry Desert to unlock the Oasis.
- 59 : Spent unlocking the Pyramid. I should consider lowering ML if I'm looking for non-combats...
- 37 : Spent in the Pyramid to kill Ed.
- 6 : Spent for starting the war.
- 21 : Spent in the Junkyard for Yossarian's tools.
- 26 : Spent in Sonofa Beach.
- 12 : Spent in Primordial Soup to finish flyering.
- 9 : Spent in the Battlefield to unlock the Organic Orchard.
- 16 : Spent in the B... wait, where? 
+ 11, 6, 11, 26 : Drank some booze and a Bucket of Wine for Night Cap.

246 Adventures spent total for Day 5?.
987 Adventures spent total.
118 Adventures banked.

Yeah... forget this run. I'm clearly not even trying anymore, and if this isn't even my usual 5 day run, there's little to no purpose for me to even be logging this, due to stupid things in life just interfering with my efforts. Heck, this isn't even really Day 5 of the run, since I wasn't home at all until ... EXACTLY 10:30 when rollover was at, as ridiculous as it is. The adventure counts may or may not be accurate because of this actually being Day 6 for me as well, and now that rollover hit again, with me being gone most of today as well, this is an absolutely embarrassing 7 day run for me now.

Well... expect to see more new content here soon, because I don't want to see this embarrassment being on the front page. @_@

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