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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is such a fun time. Getting together with family and friends and opening presents, and hang out with all our new stuff. o_o Cause that's what I totally did on Christmas. And of course, I thought it was appropriate for me to list all the new stuff I got this year, starting with things that weren't on my wishlist, followed by things that were on my wishlist, and... some more lists on the way on my blog after this post.

 Things that weren't on my wishlist.

  • 2 USB flash drives (feesh and turtle model)
  • A t-shirt (Vans logo)
  • Blanket (Pretty warm too.)
  • Food (Curry'n'rice, miso soup, chocolates, etc.)
 Things that were on my wishlist.
  •  Play Station 3 - Well, okay, technically, I got this for Vicki and her family as a gift, but I DO have access to it, of course, and it IS on my wishlist, to gift them being my original intent for it. Gotta list it here to show that it is now officially off of my wishlist now. Also, I ultimately ended up managing to get the Black Friday bundle for it off of Amazon, after doing a little more refreshing and a quick reflex button clicking. 
    • The bundle of course, came with Little Big Planet 2, and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.
    • Additionally, we got an HDMI cable for it as well, so HD goodness for us. =D
  • Fortune Street - Got it, played it with Vicki and our friend Bobby who came over to spend Christmas together, albeit on the Easy setting which seems to omit the stocks aspect of the game, but still had lots of fun. I also had to find out that in order for your shops to get a boost from owning more than one store in the area, they have to be next to each other. Found that out a bit too late in the game, and ended up being in last place when we finished. >_>;; Next time, when stocks are involved, I'll be the dominant player.
  • Gyakuten Kenji 2 - I got this for myself just a while ago. Haven't really started it much, mostly because of watching the intro REALLY made me miss playing the game in English. ;_; I knew that my Japanese needs a little more improvement, especially when kanji letters are involved, but seeing how the intro scenes scroll the texts by themselves, and with lots of kanji letters that I'm not too exposed to since most of which I know are usually more RPG stat-related words and such, so... @_@ Yeah. I may get to this much later when I'm feeling venturous with both the game and kanji. 
  • No More Heroes - Only have the first one so far, and I played through the first level. I absolutely have no problems with the controls, what-so-ever so far. Gotta love how ridiculous the over-the-top-ness it is as well. I'm thinking that this is going to be a game that I'll really enjoy playing through. 
  • Poker Set... sorta - I saw a pretty nice poker set case at Target in the $10 range. 200 chips, 2 decks of cards, and a case for it, obviously. Instead, I got 2 decks of cards, and 100 chips separately. I do have to say though, that the chips are very nice as they're 11.5 grams instead of being cheap, plastic-y or lightweight chips. About the only thing I'm missing is a case, and a dealer chip, but... the dealer chip seems so... optional, that it probably doesn't matter too much. 
  • USB Gamepad - So I got a Logitech gamepad with a D-pad, 2 joysticks, XABY buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, Start, Back, and a Mode button. I just tried it out with Beat Hazard Ultra since Steam had an achievement for it for the Great Gift Pile event going on. Definitely works. Just gotta get used to using this controller for some of these games. >_> I feel a little more natural using the keyboard and mouse for Beat Hazard Ultra, but I was planning on using it for Rumble Fighter and maybe Recettear and stuff instead. I'll still stick to the keyboard and mouse for FPS games though.
  • And although this was a gift for Vicki, and it wasn't listed in my wishlist here on this blog, but was on my Steam wishlist, we got Dead Rising 2 for the PS3. Vicki definitely seems to be enjoying the game, being able to run around in boxers and beating up zombies, although she still seems to be having a little trouble with surviving it seems. I went ahead and played a game myself, and I'm working on getting my second Zombrex, but a boss fight against that psychopath CURE member killed me easily. Not sure what options I have, as there are no quick dodge maneuvers that I know of, and even shooting him with a gun from a range only provokes him to cut me up instead. I may just skip on that side quest this run until I level up a bit more and better prepare myself for the fight. Currently considering the Drill Bucket on him to try to keep him from running around so much. 
Also from my Steam wishlist, although it wasn't a Christmas gift, since I bought them myself, I also got Duke Nukem Forever and Chantelise on sale. Been playing through Duke Nukem, and although it isn't the perfect game, sure, but I really don't think it's as bad of a game as people make it out to be. I know I'm enjoying it for what it is, and... heck, it even reminded me of Half Life 2, due to some similarities like fighting aliens, some of the weapons you get, and the level designs in certain parts that are more platforming, or driving around in a big place on a vehicle, etc. Aside from that though, I also just enjoy the dialogue for mostly what Duke has to say. I may or may not write a review for this, depending on how I feel about it by the end of the campaign.

That's about it, other than some candy and things. I'm going to have so many games to play now, that I'm most likely going to be making a backlog list with games that I intend on finishing in priority order. I may also be updating the wishlist in top priority order as well later on, with all the things that are on my previous wishlists that I still want now.

I hope everyone else's Christmas was as good as mine this year. o_o Been awfully busy for me this holiday season, and it'll continue being so for me until mid January, most likely, but I intend on keeping as many things as updated as I can on this blog.

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