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Monday, December 19, 2011

Steam - The Great Gift Pile

I... wanted to talk about Steam's big Holiday sale event that I was looking forward to, now that it's finally here, but, as I type this up, seems like the amount of traffic that they were getting crashed the server or something.

Anyway, it's a similar event like the Summer Camp event we had during the summer this year, and the other event like that last year, which I don't quite remember in detail now, but had lots of fun buying games at great discounts and getting custom achievements for this event that unlocks more content for you and such. I think it was the Great Treasure Hunt or something, and I managed to get the Treasure Hat on Team Fortress 2.

Not sure if there's any DLC or hats this time around with this event, but the grand prize for the Great Gift Pile seems to be ALL THE GAMES ON STEAM. >_>;;; No one's ever going to be able to play through all of the games that Steam has to offer... LoL. Other winners will win games in their wishlist, or the Valve Complete Pack it seems. Whichever the case, why say no to free games? You may even find a game you want at the best discount prices you'll see on Steam for a good, long time too, most likely. We're talking lots of 50%, 75%, and 90% off discount prices. Mostly 75% off, from what I'm seeing. You should just check it out if you're interested in some PC games... if the site will work for you. x_o;

More in detail, for every achievement you make during this event, you get either a gift or a lump of coal. The gift is a free game, I believe, and the lump of coal will count towards the raffle for winning that grand prize of all the games on Steam and such. Or, you could craft 7 lumps of coal into a gift to ensure you get something for free, I guess. I'm not too sure about these details. Heck, I'm not even sure which of the two I got so far since the servers are still having trouble. >_< But both gifts and coals are tradeable, perhaps you can encourage friends to participate in this event too and maybe trade some in-game items for the gift/coal or something. That's what Steam seems to be encouraging anyway.

Now, as for the achievements themselves, they're all for games that I don't have today, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm interested in any of them either to buy to get the achievements for like I did with the Great Treasure Hunt event. The games with achievements for today, the 19th are...
  • Orcs Must Die! - Deck the Halls - Complete the Hallway using only the Arrow Wall trap, weapons, and spells
  • Bunch of Heroes - Holiday Survivor - Survive up to the 20th wave in Santa's map
  • EDGE - Snowblind - Find the six hidden switches in the snow-covered levels in December
  • Cargo! The Quest for Gravity - 2012 - it's almost there - The Christmas bell tolls! You have been blessed with a present.
  • Anomale: Warzone Earth - Santa's Challenge - Grab 20 Santa's gifts from missions 2-4 to get yourself a nice prize
... Eh, I don't know where I'm going with this. >_>; I don't think I'll need to announce all the games and events going on every day until January when the event ends.. but I may talk some more about this later on, I guess. In the meantime, I think I'll take advantage of Team Fortress 2's Double Drop Rate week a bit more.

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