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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KoL - Crimbo Town 2011

Crimbo Town is here! Well, it came on the 17th, but yeah. Seems like there's another conflict in Crimbo Town this year for us adventurers to help fight, but it isn't monsters. It's famine instead. The elves' food source, candy, have been cut off from their main supplier, Big Candy from the Candy Diorama we've been decorating. So Uncle Crimbo is collecting candy and rewarding adventurers with Candy Credits which can be used to send Crimbo gifts to people in the Kingdom of Loathing.

It seems there's 4 big presents that each of us can have one of each, and 6 stocking stuffers that we can send to each other without any limit, provided we have the Candy Credits to send more. Being that the 4 big presents are limited to 1 per person, it makes me wonder what unique things they each do. Also considering that they each have different Candy Credit costs, I would think that they're going to be somewhat different from each other as well. We won't be able to find out until Crimbo, I guess. Here's a screenshot of what I have so far.

Blade of Fate is my little brother, Taco, btw. By the time I got to this stuff though, some people have already gifted him some of those big presents. I managed to get one in though, but I'm going to have to send some more stuff for his stocking. In fact, I have such a huge list of people to send stuff to, since people have been stuffing my stocking left and right. o_o' Here's the list of people who contributed to the 89 lumps I have in my stocking. Edit: Now includes people who have sent me gifts after I made this post as well. I am keeping it updated.
  • WhiskeyJack
  • RoyalTonberry
  • Mogul
  • magikal muffin top
  • Rupatupa
  • Blade of Fate
  • Guggerbunk
  • ckB1
  • KirbyLlama
  • Rai of Winds
  • Bufuman
  • bumcheekcity
  • Spamela
  • Post nubila Phoebus
  • Dirx
  • Capo Capellini
  • tivolimom
  • Lanshaft
  • Zanelron
  • Club
  • FrankNBeans
  • Pants_O_Rama
  • Raisins
  • Suspicious Looking Gal
  • Jicken Wings
  • Corill
  • MisterJiffy
  • Zigimurthury 
  • JanvierBellefeuille 
  • little miss muffy 
  • Very Flash
  • Deandra
  • ErnieR
  • cowmanbob
  • The Rayon Terror
  • BDrag0n
  • R_Locksley
  • Muffy the werewulf SLAPper
  • Xyzzyn
Thanks for those who sent me stuff. o_o I'll be sure to stuff your stockings as well when I'm not so busy with blogging, I guess. >_>;

Anyway, today's the 20th. The Advent Calendar for today unlocks a battle against Big Candy himself. A boss fight for sure, making it a one time thing if you defeat him, much like the Abominable Fudgeman in Fudge Mountain on the 18th, and the Colollilossus on the 19th. There seems to be a trend going on where we're given lots of one-use-per-day, unlimited use items lately. I suppose they're useful in that they're not going to be some outfit that we won't wear most of the time, or anything else that really takes up a slot or cost something to use. But being in Hardcore most of the time, I don't have too many instances where it is useful for me, unfortunately. >_< Either way, it's a neat toy to have. 

I'm currently spamming Candyblast in Fudge Mountain to get more candy to trade in for Candy Credits. Hopefully I'll be able to collect enough to send everyone a lot of stuff. Should have waited out on feeding my Stocking Mimic a bunch of stuff... ._.;

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