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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Backlog Pile

As awesome as the finale of this year's sales go on Steam, I've been trying to cut down on purchases, mostly because I'm already loaded up on games at the moment. >_< Since I stopped doing that video game progress thing, I haven't really had a list of games that I'm working on for quite a while, and realized how big my backlog has become. I need to work on games I've started and finish them before I start playing new games now, even though I totally just started a bunch on Christmas...

So first thing's first. Games I'm currently playing.
  1. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Well, this WAS in the list of games I've lost interest in mid-way, due to how easy it was, but I've started it up again. This is probably top priority on finishing, just to get it out of the way.  Edit: Completed. Click here for the review.
  2. Duke Nukem Forever - Playing through the campaign first, at least. May check out online multiplayer just to see what it's like, but without many friends to play this with, I may not bother with it too much afterwards. At least, considering this backlog, that's my plan anyway. Edit: Played through the main campaign. Here's the first review, and here's the second review for the DLC.
  3. Guild Wars - I want more points in the Hall of Monuments. D= Still need to finish Night Fall and Eye of the North campaigns. >_< So much for me to do in it... I didn't even get to get on for Christmas for the Wintersday event either. @_@
  4. Just Cause 2 - I get on this once in a while whenever I'm in the mood to destroy things. Sandbox games with a huge world and lots of explosions and violence is nice for that sort of stuff. LoL. XD I should focus more on the story missions though. Edit: Finished the main story. Might play some more for some destruction. Check out the review here.
  5. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness - I finally finished Etna Mode last night. It was quite the pain, but after pushing for higher end equipments and leveling them up, it made the last boss a lot easier. Of course, that's far from the end of this game though, since there's more to do in the end-game stuff with the Cave of Ordeals and other optional dungeons and item worlds and what not. Who knows how long that'll take though. 
  6. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Whenever I'm in the puzzle-y mood, I'll work on this for a bit. I just finished the Diabolical Box though, so I'm not too far into this one yet. 
Here are the games that I've started and lost interest or something mid-way and haven't played in a while.
  1. Mass Effect - I didn't want to spoil Vicki who's usually in the same room as me with the story, so I stopped playing to see whether if she would catch up. And that's not happening at all, so I may just play it. 
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 - Geeze, I don't know what it was about it, but it just totally lost my interest. I enjoyed FFTA on the GBA well enough, so what went wrong? The pacing? The weak storyline? Unappealing characters? It... just certainly didn't shine for me. Maybe I'll push myself to finishing this later on, eventually. 
  3. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume - So I'm on my third run to get the third ending to unlock the Seraphic Gate. Just that I've gotten side tracked with other games. 
  4. Frozen Synapse - Mmm... Kiiiind of hard to get into this game. Not much to graphics. Story is... there, but... isn't a strong driving force. Gameplay feels a bit slow for me, so other games take priority for me. 
  5. Gratuitous Space Battles - I want to finish the Galactic Conquest campaign, but I think my strategy is just bad. >_>; I'm too reliant on strong ships that use lots of expensive equipments, and I never have the resources to build a strong enough army. I just need to sit down and think of a better strategy for the campaign, mostly. 
  6. Magicka - I want to play this with my friends, but they got side tracked themselves. >_> And playing this game in single player is just... too hard with no one to revive me. @_@ LoL. 
  7. Portal 2 - I need someone to play Co-op with. >_< That's what I need to do in Portal 2. 
  8. Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale - I want to go to all the dungeons and unlock all the adventurer characters, I guess. 
  9. Trine - Just haven't gotten around to finishing the story. I doubt it's a long game, so I should just finish this. 
  10. Donkey Kong Country: Returns - Haven't gotten around to it partially because of the conditions of playing the Wii, but now that I'm playing it more again anyway, maybe I should try to play through the game. Still in the second world as far as I know.
  11. Resident Evil 4 - Same as above. Got to Chapter 3. Oh, and I guess someone told me not to play it until I play through Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, but... that's just so dumb IMO. D= It might help explain stuff, but that's no reason NOT to play a game. Still in Chapter 3 I think. =/ Or Chapter 4. I'm not sure.
  12. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles - I wanted help playing the game in 2 player for the later levels, but no one would effectively help me. @_@ That, and people were complaining about the loud gunshot noises. =/
  13. Rune Factory - The first one on the DS. Started playing this because of the stupid Farmville hype. I used it to compare how much more fun other games are in comparison to Farmville. Obviously this is so much better with so much other stuff going on though. I mean, I didn't need to play them to know which is better, but I don't like making statements about things solely based on the impressions I get from sources other than the games themselves. In other words, I won't give an opinion on anything I've never actually experienced. ... So yes. I've played Farmville. And yes, it sucks. Rune Factory is MUCH more interesting.
  14. Pokemon Soul Silver - I think I got tired of the same-old, turn-based, grindy RPG that is Pokemon. Maybe I've over-exhausted myself from Pokemon when I was breeding hundreds of the same Pokemon with good IVs with the right natures, EV training them, and any other tedious things involved in making a good, competitive team. The new features are nice, sure... but when the base gameplay gets stale, who cares about the new features? D= Regardless, It'd be nice if I can finish them or something, I guess.
  15. Pokemon White - See above. Although I AM curious about the Triple Battles, but seeing some of the videos I've seen online... it doesn't feel like I'm missing very much. ._.'
  16. Custom Robo Arena - Uhhh... ._. Not sure why I stopped playing this. Probably distracted from other games.
And here are some games that I've just barely started, just to get the feel of the game.
  1. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - This was one of those games that just seemed so weird that I wasn't sure what it was about, mostly wondering how it was a Zelda game.  After having played it a bit, it certainly explained quite a lot. 
  2. No More Heroes - Although I just started this new game... I'm thinking I'd like to play through this game soon.  
  3. Sequence - Today's Great Gift Pile achievement game, and for $1.24, I'm really enjoying it. Considering how I like StepMania and RPGs, it's something that just works well for me. Edit: Completed. Check out my review for this game.
  4. Dragon Quest Swords - Yeah, I got this game for pretty cheap, but it's been a while since I actually did. Curiosity for the most part, really, and... yeah, the controls are probably one of the more awkward ones I've played in a very long while.
  5. Space Pirates And Zombies - Edit: Now this is today's Great Gift Pile achievement game that I just bought. I like how it plays, since it reminds me of the Escape Velocity series. 
  6. Dead Rising 2 - Edit: Forgot about this game, somehow. 
Aaaand, the list of games that I just haven't started yet all, but own.
  1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope - I've had this game with me for nearly 2 years now. @_@ And I haven't been able to play it since I didn't have a PS3 at this house. Now that we have a PS3 here, I'm thinking about playing it, but... that's a huge list above already. @_@
  2. Star Ocean: The Second Story - After having managed to get a copy on the Play Station, I played it a bit until my PS2 just kept freezing and making me lose my progress a lot. I wasn't going to bother with that like that.. ._. So I got it again on the PSP but it just feels so weird playing the game in English now. XD I like my Japanese voice acting, so... yeah. I'd definitely like to play this whenever I can, either way.
  3. Chantelise - Bought this during the sale on Steam. I liked Recettear, so I figured I might like this one too. 
  4. Radiant Historia - I've heard good stuff about it. But.. yeah. Huge backlog. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
  5. Kirby Mass Attack - Sounds gimmicky, but I'm going to try it out anyway, much like anything Kirby. >_> 
  6. Megaman EXE - A friend gave me his copy, but.. I just never got around to it yet. 
  7. Mass Effect 2 - Well, whenever I finish Mass Effect...  
  8. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - I played through the first one on the GC. Been meaning to check it out, but haven't had the chance to. Also, a friend of mine is borrowing this at the moment, so I probably won't be playing it any time soon yet.
So yeah. D= That's some huge list... If anyone has any suggestions on which ones I should work on first, just leave a comment. The shorter the game, the better so that I can get them out of the way, I suppose. >_>'  Anyway, more lists are probably coming up, as well as a new poll, most likely. Stay tuned.

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