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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Code

Happy New Years, and welcome to 2012!

Now, I'm not too big on setting New Year's Resolutions, and my resolution for 2011 didn't get accomplished either, which was to find a job and to have some spending money for this year. It's unfortunate, and kind of ridiculous that I can't even get a low paying job at a fast food restaurant around here in Florida. While I will still be carrying on last year's resolution into this year, I am also making a new resolution for this year as well. Or perhaps a New Year's Code, as this year's resolution is to work a lot more on this blog; from making more graphics, writing more reviews, and other things to have a long-term appeal to current and new readers alike. But first, need to clean up after myself from 2011. Here are the poll results that have been long overdue.

What holiday events are you going to participate in?
Kingdom of Loathing: 4 votes
Steam: 3 votes
Other MMOs: 2 votes
Guild Wars: 1 vote
Gaia Online: 1 vote
Other single player games with holiday content: 1 vote
Other community message boards: 1 vote
Other than any of these listed: 1 vote
Activities in the real world: 0 votes
None: 0 votes

Well, considering how often I was posting KoL related posts throughout December, I'm sure majority of my readers were KoL players, and a few who were interested in the Great Gift Pile visited for Steam as well, which is cool.

So, now that that's out of the way, I'm thinking of having multiple, long-term polls on the blog, as well as some occasional, short-termed polls here and there. Trying to add more interactivity within the blog from my end, but that won't be all either.

After having participated in the Great Gift Pile event on Steam, I have accumulated quite a bit of coupons, valid from January 2nd to March 1st, 2012, and would like to have a Giveaway event on the blog. Rules for the Giveaway, as well as what coupons I have, will be coming soon, in the next post.

I really didn't give this event all I could do like I did with the previous events like the Great Treasure Hunt and the Steam Summer Camp events, since I didn't bother to play the free to play games for the achievements, partially due to the lack of hard drive space on Pugyuu to install yet another game. >_>; Due to that, I have only completed 19 objectives this event.

Of the free to play games that were there though, aside from those that I already had installed like Spiral Knights, I'm really interested in Rusty Hearts, since I tend to see a lot of stuff for the game here and there. Being Free to Play though is both a blessing and a curse, however, as they tend to rely on micro-transactions, making the best fun within the game to be not-free anyway, like new playable characters. It's something I'll have to look into and see how much things cost, what I would have the most fun with with and without the cash shop, and how they would compete with everything else that I currently have for entertainment at the moment.

Well, I'm not quite done with cleaning up from 2011, but I'd like to have a nice, early launch for the Giveaway event, so look forward to the details then. After that, my plans are to write up the updated wishlist, and get back to being extra productive with Photoshop again, most likely. Stay tuned!

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