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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slashing Off From the Wishlist

Now that I've had two jobs, I actually have some spending money! With how neatly I've laid out what things I want/need on my wishlist, it certainly was easy deciding on what I should spend them on. A Nintendo 3DS! ... Also sweatbands.

It's about time I finally got one, and honestly, I should've had one much earlier anyway, if only I had a job to help fund it then. I may have missed out on the Ambassador Program and several other special offers for early 3DS owners, but it is certainly a neat device and I am looking forward to the entertainment that I will enjoy with it.

With that said, the only games that I own for the 3DS is New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Resident Evil: "Revelaitons" at the moment. I intend on picking up the others in my wishlist whenever I get the chance (discounts and promotional sales). Even aside from that, I have a feeling I am going to enjoy playing around with the AR Cards as well.

Honestly though, the 3DS feels a bit overwhelming, coming from someone who went from DS Lite, skipping the DSi series. The two run on very different operating systems that the added functions to the 3DS feels like overkill. I'd like to learn and utilize all the features the 3DS has to offer, but with how busy I've been lately (too busy to update my blog as frequently as I'd like), it might take me longer to find time to fiddle around with it. 

Another thing to note is how it will compete with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus as a handheld device. Lately, I certainly haven't had the chance to take either my DS or PSP with me since I wasn't going to take them to work; I may have passed high school while playing GBA during classes easily, but that doesn't quite work at... well, work. But even if I could, the games that I would play tend to be things that require a long sitting time to play for a decent amount of time. Both handhelds are capable of suspending the games, but simply playing a game that you can easily jump in and out of like smartphone apps feels like a better way to squeeze in gaming in short time gaps than having to suspend the game a dozen times a day. But it might also be because I have already finished most of the games that I wanted to play on both handhelds as well, and I am still hesitant about starting new games when I haven't finished some off in the Backlog yet. Recettear needs to be finished and reviewed for sure.

Well, I guess I already DID start a new game, New Super Mario Bros. 2. Soon, I'm sure I'll be playing Zero's Escape: Virtue's Last Reward as well, whenever I get my hands on a copy. Other than that though, I will try to put priority on finishing the other games and reviewing them, as well as keeping up with my posts here. Maybe a review of the 3DS itself might be done in the future. Until then, let me set up my Mii and things for Street Pass and what not.

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