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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poll - Types of Jobs

It's November 1st, so it's time for a new poll as well as the results for the previous one.

What sort of job do you feel is best for you?
Thinking / Quick-witted work - 4 votes
Crafty, Dexterous work - 1 vote
Being a lazy bum - 1 vote
Muscle work - 0 votes
Charismatic / Customer service work - 0 votes
High responsibility work - 0 votes
Balanced / Little-of-everything work - 0 votes

I'm not sure if this comes as a surprise, but most people like quick-witted work it seems. I mean, that IS what most people go through school for, I suppose. It's what most education systems default to for what sort of work you would be getting prepared for. Regardless, there are certainly people out there that would prefer doing physical labor than having to sit in a cubicle and do math or sitting at a keyboard and punching in numbers all day. So where are the physical labor guys at? I mean, I've certainly been there, working at Benton Express and Ross's warehouse. Then again, I certainly feel that there are better work for me than these physical labor jobs.

I suppose that would also mean that I've also been through customer service work as well, working at Halloween City as a sales associate and cashier. It appears that I am indeed a person that gets along with many different people, so that might make this type of job something that I could excel at. However, I just don't feel that I have the natural talent of conversing about ANYTHING as well as other people do. I certainly do try, but it doesn't quite come out as naturally as I'd like, and I feel a bit awkward in that position at times. Not sure what my customers felt about it though, but one of the customers did comment about how I have good eye contact with them. I think that gave me a little more confidence in my ability to deal with customers, which is cool.

I also didn't really talk much about being a cashier at Halloween City, which I feel is a position that requires a certain amount of trust and a good deal of responsibility to handle both the customers' and the store's money. That's mostly due to me being assigned the position right after I made that previous post about working at Halloween City. There is certainly some pressure for being in a position that places responsibilities on your shoulders, but as far as the position as a cashier goes, it's fairly easy work as long as you don't encounter problems. Then again, any job would be much easier if problems didn't occur so that doesn't really say much. I guess I just didn't have too much problems working at Halloween City as I didn't make too many mistakes, and if I did, they were minor and were easily fixable. Problems aren't limited to mistakes though, as there were several products that people wanted to buy that didn't have a tag with the barcode to scan, or the barcode didn't register the product like it should. In situations like that, as well as giving special discounts for damaged goods and the likes, I was perhaps a bit reliant on the managers, only because the managers were the only ones that were authorized to give discounts and such. But the types of responsibilities that I was exposed to at Halloween City is something that I feel that I could handle as I gain more experience and learn how each situation should be handled.

Well, that's three options that got 0 votes right there. What of the others? I do find myself to be a person who cares more about quality than quantity. I certainly take pride in the quality of work I do as opposed to how many boxes I could push, like how neat my stack of boxes are at Benton Express to minimize the chances of boxes toppling during transportation. Maybe I'm fit to do some crafty jobs at say a factory, but I can't imagine that paying very well, unless I do my own works by myself, like how a famous painter can sell their own art for good money. I'd like to do some artwork myself, but I have a few flaws. I can't draw people and most organic things as well as I'd like. I also feel that I lack inspiration for making any artwork that's interesting enough to even work on, let alone showcase them. Without creating art or crafty products that people find value in, I wouldn't be able to make a living like that, I'm afraid. Instead, most of my craft goes here on my blog as words conveying my honest opinions and any information I gather through experience. I'd like to expand more beyond just words, but that might still take a while, it seems. At least, not until I get more time and money to start bigger projects.

As far as being a lazy bum... wait, that's not a type of job. D= Why was that even an option? I suppose there are some people out there who don't care to contribute to society by being productive. I can't ever find myself being "lazy" though. I can honestly say that I am addicted to being progressive and productive. If I am not getting something done with my time, I feel uneasy and feel a sense of guilt for wasting precious time. The biggest thing that ends up wasting my time would be when I fail to fall asleep within two hours, lying in bed but not getting enough sleep, forcing me to sleep longer which wastes my day. Quality sleep is important, and it is something that I struggle with once in a while. A lot of it has to do with comfort I think, but getting a good, new mattress is pretty expensive. At the least, it'll be around $500, and as much as it's worth it in the long run for quality sleep, it's an amount of money that I don't have lying around ready to be spent.

Ultimately, you just need to understand yourself well and know what you're capable of to find out what your best options are. And to find out more about yourself, I highly recommend trying out different types of jobs and observe yourself. Even if it isn't an official job, or even volunteering I suppose, see what you're capable of, how you do, how you feel about doing them, and get an idea of what type of jobs work best for you. Keep in mind of outside factors from interfering with your ability to observe yourself though, like bad co-workers, and bad equipments used at your job. A different location may have things differently which may be less of a problem for you even if the jobs are the same.

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