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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Changing Trademarks

I've always been known to wear a blue jacket, sort of like a trademark. I wore it regardless of the season, even in Florida's hot, summer days. The reason why I wore it was mostly for my own protection and convenience. I generally dislike sunlight, not that I'm being all vampire or anything, but wearing it protected me against the heat, often times retaining the cooler temperatures from air conditioned rooms, providing better comfort in short terms. During the night, I primarily wear it to protect myself from bugs, mainly mosquitoes. Considering how I always wear a t-shirt, again regardless of the season, the jacket protected my arms from exposure to both threats. Even aside from these protections, I also use my jackets for carrying many items inside its pockets. Everything aside from my cell phone and either another handheld device or a wallet goes in my jacket, while the most handy things go in my pants pocket. Protection, utility convenience, comfort, and fashionably(?) donning my favorite color of blue, I can honestly say that I love this jacket.

However, I am thinking of switching my look now, partially because my jacket is sort of worn out now, and also because I wish to reflect my appearance with Firion, without having to get a tattoo of him or something. I figured that being my trademark, the jacket was the best thing to change for my overall look. Maybe it's weird for me to want to drastically change my appearance like this, especially for a fish, but he meant a lot to me. I want him to be a part of me in more than just memory.

I was thinking about some sort of long coat would be appropriate, if it can closely resemble Firion's colors and have a tail to resemble his flowing fins. The problem is, something like that seems to be extremely hard to find. The only close examples I can think of for something like this is Vergil's coat from Devil May Cry and Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Perhaps the coat doesn't have to be THAT long, but image-wise, a flowing long coat is what I would like to have. An added bonus if it comes in colors similar to Firion, like Color 3 in the image below.

The best place I've found for long coats that resemble that is Dante's coat I found on this site.

I wouldn't mind picking up Squall Leonhart's jacket too for cosplay purposes, but that can wait.

I worry that I'd have to design the coat and have it custom made, costing me an awful lot. If only I can find a place that sells long coats like that. If a long coat like that isn't possible, then some sort of accessory might have to do, like a pendant, as long as I have something to remind me of the good times I've had with Firion. I just miss him so much right now...

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