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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poll - Blog Contents

It's the end of July, so here are the results to the last poll.

Which of these things do you like seeing on the blog?
Kingdom of Loathing - 9 votes
Rants - 4 votes
Poll results - 4 votes
My game progresses - 3 votes
Game reviews - 3 votes
Guides and Tutorials - 3 votes
Anime talk - 2 votes
Firion - 2 votes
Da gurls, dawg - 2 votes
Other - 1 vote

12 voters total.

I think a lot of the votes for Kingdom of Loathing happened because of my coverage to some of the things that got released throughout the duration of the poll, like the Brushfire event and PVP Season 2. Regardless, I would have thought all the people who come to read my Akali and Janna guides for League of Legends would have voted for Guides and Tutorials, but maybe it wasn't quite specific enough. Regardless, I do intend on doing more of those whenever the time arises. I'm trying to see whether if I should go and start playing League of Legends more to do a Kog'Maw guide next.

As far as Kingdom of Loathing goes, I'll probably do more coverages when new events and other big things happen. I'm considering slowing down on Kingdom of Loathing to try to tackle some of the games in my backlog. Which will mean that I will have more game reviews up on here as well, so there will be more content here on the blog.

I was surprised to see that my rants being up there for some reason. Are rants really something people care to read? o_o' I always thought that they were just people going off about some pet peeve that they've had to let some steam out of their system, regardless of whether if there is an audience or not. Of course, when you share the same pet peeve with the person who's ranting about it, there can be lots to discuss. In fact, I really wanted to avoid doing rants on the blog at first, thinking that those posts would be unpopular... or rather, people who don't care wouldn't want to hear about them. I guess it would be easy to just skip reading it if that was the case though, so perhaps I shouldn't worry too much.

As for polls themselves... maybe I should ask a bit more about the polls in the polls. Right now, I have each poll open for approximately 45 days, but I'm wondering if I should change how long they're up for. Current event stuff would lose its relevance by the time 45 days pass, but at the same time, I want to see more votes in these polls too. I guess that's what the next poll will be, but it'll be 45 days from now before I make my final decision about it.

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