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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deity Wars Gallery 1 + Guild Wars

I was playing Deity Wars, and I wanted to look at some of the other cards that I don't have yet. Naturally, I decided to look on the internet, but unfortunately, there aren't that many pictures of the cards, or the game itself either. So I will be providing the internet with some of my screenshots in the meantime.

Also, I figured I should talk about how the game also launched its Guild Wars as well. 

In order to participate in Guild Wars in Deity Wars, first you have to register your guild for a time slot at which Guild Wars occur. A guild war runs for one hour, where four guilds compete with each other.
Next, each guild decides who will be partaking in the actual combat during the war as a Vanguard, or provide support for the Vanguard from the Rear Guard by cheering their Vanguards on. There is a limit of 10 members in each squad, so you will have to decide which 10 are competitive enough to take on the opposing guilds. However, that doesn't mean that members in the Rear Guard are losing out on the guild war. Both Vanguards and Rear Guards get the same rewards for how active each members are. Rewards include Battle Elixirs as you use many of them during guild wars, Kujata to level your cards with, and Slabs.

Slabs are used to restore a Legend Card that has been split apart into 16 pieces. Each slab provides a random piece of the Legend Card, so it is possible that you can get duplicate pieces from the slabs. In order to complete these Legend Cards, you will want to participate in Guild Wars often. It will take more than 16 slabs to complete it for sure.

Back to the Guild Wars, each guild starts with 100 rings, distributed amongst each Vanguard member. During the one hour, you can fight Vanguard members of the other three guilds to steal one of their rings, if you can successfully attack them. Battles still cost 50 BP, so have lots of Battle Elixirs ready. If you get cheered by your Rear Guard member, then you will be in a state of High-Spirits Mode, allowing you to take two rings when you win against an opponent. You can only hold up to 30 rings though, so once you have secured 30 rings for yourself, you can work on defending your guild members' rings by taking revenge against an opponent that took your guild member's ring(s) and recover them.

During all this, your Guild's Guardian will act when the Summon Gauge fills up, providing with help for your guild members. Supposedly there are several different types of Guardians, but I only know of Goddess of Revival, Heimdall so far. She will restore some of your BP when she acts, giving everyone in your guild 50 or more BP. Guardians can be leveled up to increase their effectiveness by participating in guild wars. In the case of Heimdall, she will restore more BP each time she acts when she levels up.

At the end, the results will be displayed 5 minutes after the end of the war. The guild with the most rings wins, but even fourth place will get you a slab. The higher your guild ranks in the war, the more slabs you'll earn for each member in the guild.

Ultimately, just participating in the guild war can get you a Slab, some Battle Elixirs, and some Kujata with nothing to lose, unless you care about your guild's guild war history. Otherwise, you could consider participating in as many to get some decent freebie items, and maybe level up your Guardian for future guild wars. If you're going to participate, might as well at least get 5 attacks or cheers in to earn additional rewards. You might be able to get off 5 attacks without the use of a Battle Elixir, but if you need to, consider using one. You'll get one back for doing 5 attacks, and a Kujata too, so it is worth the use.

Anyway, here's the gallery for some of the cards I have. If this gets popular, maybe I'll post every card I have.

Exusiai, 3rd stage, RR++
Demon Hunter Rath, Final stage, R
Undine, Final stage, R
Savior Anastasia, 3rd stage (15th? evolution), SR
Anastasia is one of the cards you can get through referrals. This one was evolved a couple of times already, but is still yet to reach its final form. I still need a couple more referrals to complete her. There are currently two other cards you can get from referrals as well, but I haven't started working on them yet.

If you'd like to see me complete Anastasia, and possibly post more cards the game has to offer in the future, you can help me out by starting the game, or at least finish the tutorial of the game and enter my referral code. The referral entry screen can't be accessed a second time, so be sure to have this code ready.

Referral: WUJ9666

Here is an example of evolution in Deity Wars. Each evolution changes the graphics a bit, as well as the card description/dialogue below that I can't fit in one screen. In the case of Beast Girl Sham-Sham, aside from colors, you can see that hair length, clothing style, and the chains change from each evolution. 
Compared to Dark Summoner's evolution, this is a huge graphical bonus, considering how Dark Summoner's cards don't have as drastic of changes in the cards' images. There are greater differences between same type of monster but for each of the three different guild factions instead, if they exist in the other factions.  

Edit: Due to several interests, I will be doing another gallery post again with much more pictures. However, I was wondering whether if you guys would prefer if I were to crop out the screen's interface and just show the cards by themselves, or if my direct screenshots of the game is good enough. If I crop them, I might resize them to something smaller, but that's up to what the comments say under this post.


  1. Thanks for this post. I just started last wk and soldiering on guessing my way through.
    I like the screen shots the way they are.
    Can I ask couple of questions plz.
    What's best evolve then enhance or other way.
    I've done it both ways after reading something's not sure where to go from here with them. I've got an sr card enhanced up to 46/60 should I evolve if I get chance?
    Also is it best to stick to one world in deck. My best cards (I think) are a mixture of heaven hell n earth.
    Thank you look forward to reading more of your posts. Any other tips or advice most welcome

    1. If you're still building up your first deck, then it would be much faster to evolve your cards fully first, then enhance them to their max level. However, the benefits in maxing the levels for each stage of evolution is getting materials you can equip your cards with, as well as for the Archive bonuses. But early on, you won't have as many Kujata cards, nor gil to do too many Enhance Fusions with. Therefore, it's best to just work quickly to your final deck before worrying about those other things.

      As for how to build your deck, cards that have skills will usually only affect cards of the same world, so you want to focus on one world for each deck. I personally use an Earth Attack deck, and a Heaven Defense deck. Try to build your deck around cards that have skills if possible.