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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

KoL - Brushfire! Now with a Castle

So the world event is finally here for KoL, and there's a brushfire in the plains!
By dealing cold damage on the brushfire, you can help save the kingdom! ... or something. At least you'll get some commendations for your efforts depending on how much cold damage you deal on them.

Edit: More details have been added. Latest - Lord Flameface's Castle.
Also, you will need some hot resistance in order to fight the fire, although having hot resistance won't help reduce the amount of damage you take either. Having Very Extremely High hot resistance should give you 3 turns of combat before you reach your limit. Considering you take about 20% to 30% of your max HP in damage each turn, that should keep you safe for the most part if you remember to heal after each combat.

It seems the most effective method is to equip an Elven Whittling Knife, and pull off a critical hit on the brushfire while being in Coldform by using a Phial of Coldness will allow you to do over a million damage. Due to the whittling knife's special effect during critical hits, you "whittle away" 20% of the enemy's HP, in this case, the brushfire's high HP, which is far greater than 5 million, as there is a soft damage cap that reduces the damage beyond 5000 cold damage, apparently.

What the FDKOL Commendations are for are still unknown at this point, and there's no guarantee that this brushfire will remain the next day either.

Edit: Thursday, June 14th, the brushfire has spread, and the above strategy might not work anymore. Instead, the rate of getting commendation feels more balanced now in comparison to yesterday, whereas getting a second commendation would require you to deal some fairly high damages to get.

For June 14th, the amount of commendation you get is the number of how many digits of damage total you dealt to the fire.

  • Multi-turn stuns like entangling noodles do not work, but single-turn stuns will work. That includes gobs of wet hair, Cocoabo-type familiar stuns (But not blocking familiars like the Levitating Potato), etc.
  • Being in Coldform does not double the hot damage you take from the brushfire.
  • By lowering your Max HP, and having a frequent HP restoring method in combat will allow you to stay alive longer against the brushfire's hot damage. My recommendation is casting Saucegeyser with the Jalapeño Saucesphere buff.
    • If not, Love Song of Vague Ambiguity is another option for attacking and healing at once. Coldform is required unlike Saucegeyser, however. 
Edit: Friday, June 15th. The FDKOL Tent is up with some rewards to trade your commendations in for. Two of the items available there for meat will give you hot resistance to help fight the fire more effectively, and the other items that you can trade in with the commendations will also be great tools for fighting fire as well.
  • Get the fireman's helmet. You will get an additional commendation for each fight just for equipping it.  
Edit: Sunday, June 17th. There's a Super-Intense Mega-Greasefire in the plains now where you can fight a Snakefire. From trying several things, I haven't really found any effective ways of defeating this guy unfortunately. A shard of double-ice can do some decent damage... once in combat. Any other subsequent use only seemed to do 1 damage for some reason.
  • Entangling Noodle works against the snakefire.
  • Attacking with your weapon in coldform, or using +cold damage bonuses on your weapon will damage the Snakefire normally. 
  • Items that deal cold damage will work once, but subsequent use will only do 1 damage. 
  • All other attacks will do 1 damage; 2 damage in the case of stench and sleaze damage.
Defeating the snakefire gets you 3 commendations +1 for the hat, it seems. Snakefire is also copyable, so expect to see it in the Faxbot network.

Also, the snakefire has a conditional drop, hot egg. It is uncertain what the drop rate is, or if there are any specific mechanic that can be used to raise its item drop rate by a significant amount yet.

Edit: Wednesday, June 20th, new items in FDKOL Requisitions Tent, and Fierce, Flying Flames! The Snakefire seems to have spread to the rest of the brushfires, while the center has a new monster in sight. The Blazing Bat.

The Blazing Bat is only vulnerable to cold spells, the reverse of the Snakefire. Otherwise, details seems to be the same. The Blazing Bat will drop fiery wings, which is a good food, but you can meat paste them together to make Wings of Fire.

Edit: Saturday, June 23rd. Lord Flameface's Castle sprung up from the plains, opening up many new adventuring locations.

The Blazing Bat moved to the Belfry, so you can find them there.

Lord Flameface is still not yet in the castle, so attempting to adventure at the Big Room on Top will not result in any adventure. Just says, "The big room on top of this fiery castle is empty. Looks like this Lord Flameface character has yet to come home to roost."

The Entrance contains golem-like monsters with randomly generated names. Doesn't seem to give out any FDKOL commendations.

These Fire Servants will drop molten bricks.

Edit: Thursday, June 28th. A new recipe is discovered with molten bricks and drops of water-37. Meat pasting them together will create a multi-useable item, Hot Daub. Equipments can be made with them when you multi-use 15, 17, and 19 of them, which forms an outfit that gives Hot Damage to both spells and attacks, and has the outfit bonus of Serious Cold Resistance.

Edit: Friday, June 29th. Lord Flameface has finally returned and can be fought at the Big Room on Top. 

He is surprisingly easy; his attacks don't do very much damage with proper hot resistance. He might have some decent HP, and still only vulnerable to cold damages, but there aren't any other mechanics in play that would be threatening to you in combat.

Aside from that, there is also a new update that gave the adventurers a new equipment slot; our backs. Capes and other equipments that go on your back have been moved to this equipment slot, and can be worn with other shirts now.

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  1. Divine blowouts (party favors) work well against the bats in The Belfry.