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Friday, March 22, 2013

Street Pass Benefits

After having gotten tons of Street Passes on my 3DS at MegaCon, it made me think about how much of a benefit these Street Passes can have on your gaming experiences. A lot of times, you won't get anything very helpful, like a mediocre Coin Rush Mode score in New Super Mario Bros. 2, or some easy fight in Throwdown Mode in Dead or Alive: Dimensions. I got a pretty decent list of ProfiCards that I collected with Street Pass for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, but as far as I know, none of them really contained any Dark Notes that were worth mentioning; no great treasure drops from bosses, no Magic Pot encounters, etc. But there were a very few that contained some very helpful elements in some games.

In Mario Kart 7, Street Pass will transfer one of your Time Trial ghosts to the other player. This is an added incentive for me to play Time Trials; at least while I still don't have all the kart parts yet. Not only do I get to set a record for myself, since I have yet to set a time for all the courses yet, but I get to see how I compare with others locally. It HAS also shown me how to do the "exploit shortcut" in Maka Wuhu since a Time Trial Ghost that I got through Street Pass did it. Supposedly it was patched for online play though, which I am grateful for, since Mario Kart DS's online gameplay was filled with people snaking, making it a mandatory skill in order to compete on the same level with other players. Exploits like these can ruin the gaming experience, and dashing off the tracks to make Lakitu drop you off further ahead on the tracks is not how I would want to race.

Back on topic about Street Passes, watching other Time Trial Ghosts have taught me a lot about shortcuts throughout many courses, which most of which I never even knew about as I got *** ranking on all the Grand Prix cups. This is greatly beneficial to me for when I start racing other people, possibly online (so that I can write a review for it).

Another game that I found Street Pass to be very beneficial is Kid Icarus: Uprising. By getting other people's Weapon Gems, you can either turn them into a usable weapon by spending hearts, or fuse gems together to create a new weapon. A lot of times, people will make a weapon gem of their currently used weapon, which can be great if the player has played a lot of the game. I did get quite a few gems that looks promising for fusion, but I found one weapon in particular that is easily the best weapon I currently own.

Flintlock Staff: Ranged 5.5
Overall defense +4
Health +6
Stamina +3
Side-dash ch. shot +3
Standing ch. shot -2

I'm not entirely sure if Standing ch. shot -2 was intentional, which makes it harder to snipe efficiently, but this is still a great weapon, especially for Solo Mode. This weapon has allowed me to survive on Intensity 9.0, and am grateful to whoever had this weapon as their weapon gem.

For those of you that don't bother with Street Pass, whether if it's to save battery power from having wireless turned on all the time, or don't take it with you everywhere, I suggest you reconsider, at least when you go out somewhere. You never know when you might get something awesome in the games that you play through Street Pass.

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