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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Poll - League of Legend Roles

Holy crap, it's March already! Here are the results for the latest poll!

What roles can you play on League of Legends?
Carry - 4 votes
Tank - 4 votes
Support - 4 votes
Fighter (Tanky, Melee) - 4 votes
Assassin - 3 votes
Caster - 2 votes
Jungler - 2 votes
Initiator - 2 votes
Other - 1 vote

Total votes: 9

So there are many roles that one can play in League of Legends. I didn't exactly cover all the roles exceptionally well, and we've been getting lots of Ranged and Melee hybrid champions lately as well, which is hard to classify in this poll... unless I put in "Hybrid". I tried to cover everything in this poll, but it turns out that I missed Bruiser, although that's awfully close to what a Fighter does IMO, and also Scouts like Teemo and other champions that can place traps and such around. Regardless, we only got 1 vote in "Other", so we aren't missing too much data from that oversight.

So according to this poll, there's a good number of people who can play a Carry, Tank, Support, and Fighters, at least in comparison to the other roles. I can understand why, as those roles tend to be easier to play for the most part. Carries and Fighters generally rely on auto attack for damage, which keeps damaging enemies simple, while Assassins and Casters are more focused on their skill cooldowns and when to deal some burst damage. Mana management can also be something that may be tricky for some players. I certainly noticed it when playing as Cassiopeia, since her spells have fairly low cooldowns, and her passive is designed to have her spam spells, but knowing when to stop and when to invest MP into a fight is something you need to learn with her.

Junglers and Initiators seem to be the lesser appreciated champions in most teams, whilst being fairly important in forming a complete team as well. They're both risky roles, especially when playing in public games, since you often put yourself in more danger than the other roles. Team communication tends to be more important when playing as these champions, and communication may or may not be the most fun part of playing LoL to some people. I wonder if the new ping system will help make playing these roles easier though. I'm curious as to see how well I would do with my Jungle Mundo and Leona Initiates.

As for the Other category, Scouts are well appreciated, especially if they do their job well. Map awareness is something that most players can appreciate, and the less money that people have to pay for wards to achieve the same map awareness, the better. As for Bruisers, I'm not sure what to say about them. I recently got Elise and I certainly like how she plays. I'm not sure where she excels at, other than the versatility of being able to switch between a Caster and a Fighter as a Hybrid. I still have much to learn with how to play as her effectively. And then there's... the Stealth champions. I play Akali, but I hardly consider her to be a real Stealth champion like Evelynn and Twitch, although I'm not sure how he plays since the latest update on his mechanics. I'm not sure what they can do in the more competitive, meta game, since their stealth gets shut down very easily with a few tools.


  1. LOL is takes about an hour to finish one game. I watched my friends played before and i got bored. XDD I like fast game, like CSS, dark summoner.

    1. Eh, games can get as long as an hour, but that's as long as it'll take usually. Games are usually 30~40 minutes average, with a good number of games where one team surrenders at the earliest of 20 minutes into the game.

      Counter Strike: Source is definitely a fast paced, quick game to play, but it feels like a lot of it goes too similarly with other games and gets stale just as quickly as the games go.

      I like LoL's variety in the 110+ champions they have now, with the different team compositions possible. Even when playing with a same team, your opponents will be different usually, which keeps each game interesting to me. Not to mention the different item builds as well.