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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KoL - Avatar of Jarlsberg

It's kind of late for me to write about Avatar of Jarlsberg perhaps, but I thought I should share what I've learned about the run here. Especially considering how much I am enjoying it, partially due to its low turn-gen gameplay, with how busy I've been lately.

Avatar of Jarlsberg is a special challenge path in Kingdom of Loathing where you play as the new, Avatar of Jarlsberg class. The main things to note about AoJ is that he is a complete germaphobe. He will not eat or drink anything that he didn't make himself, nor will he physically melee his enemies since they may have germs. So a lot of his skills are focused on summoning ingredients and cooking spells. What this means is...
  • No relying on Mr. A. consumables that you would normally have access to, like Ur-Donuts and Pumpkin Beers for instant stats. 
    • I like summoning a Box of Hammers though for instant stats however.
  • No familiars, but instead, you can summon food-based companions. They are...
    • The Eggman - +50% item drop.
    • The Hippotatomous - +3 stats per combat, and sometimes blocks attacks.
    • The Radish Horse - +50% combat initiative.
    • The Cream Puff - +20 monster level.
  • All of Jarlsberg's spells have a hard damage cap, based on how much MP you spend. -MP consumption may or may not be desirable due to this, and MP regeneration would be more beneficial. 
Here is a screenshot of AoJ's skill tree. 

A couple of other tips include...
  • Avatar of Jarlsberg lacks any healing spells. The main source of healing may be some HP Regeneration gained through Chefstaves that you can create, like the Staff of the Staff of Life, and the VIP Lounge Hot Tub. 
  • Being that he lacks HP, you want to avoid getting hit at all, and raising moxie is not a reasonable solution. The idea is to raise your Combat Initiative, and take out enemies with a single spell.
    • The skill, Never Late for Dinner in the Path of Dinner provides +50% combat initiative as well as +10 adventures per day. Highly recommended.
  • The low stat gains can slow you down an awful lot, and unfortunately, the Hippotatomous doesn't provide enough stats to rely on it by itself. The Cream Puff companion and the Gristlesphere buff provides +ML that will help, provided you can handle fighting stronger enemies.
  • A good food that you should aim to make early on is the sublime stew, which requires...
    • Conjure Vegitables + Boil = consummate soup
    • Conjure Potato + Bake = consummate baked potato
    • Conjure Meat Product + Grill = consummate steak
    • You'll need 6 skill points minimum in order to achieve this.
  • Staff of the Standalone Cheese provides 5 monster banishment until rollover through its jiggle effect. 
More tips and strategies can be found here. 

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