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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deity Wars Giveaway?

So with Dark Summoner having expanded their monster limit to 150 monsters from the previous 120, I am working on building up more monsters for the 4th Giveaway. In the meantime, I am curious as to see how many people are interested in a Deity Wars Giveaway. The only thing is, the game's mechanics being as different as they are, I'm not entirely sure if I cam provide many good cards to give away for Deity Wars. I am, however, willing to if there is demand.

The cards that I plan on providing are either extra event cards I get, hopefully with more than 3 slots, but some at full evolution and max leveled as well. Those usually range from R to SR ranked cards*. Stats will be provided on the Giveaway page (card name, rarity, level, attack, defense, MP cost, number of slots, whether if they are equipped with Materials already or not, and the skill it has with its description) whether by screenshot or text.

However, there is one problem, and that is the lack of ability to search for people in Deity Wars. I'm not entirely sure how I will do this, so if someone can leave a comment with a possible method, that would be great.

Also, to see how great of a demand there is for a Deity Wars Giveaway, I will have a poll on the side of the blog that can be seen on the web version of this site. If you are on the mobile version of the site, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the link that says, "View web version", and it will show you the web version of the site. The poll will be on the right side, near the top. Depending on how many votes I get for this, I may go ahead and start setting up a Giveaway for Deity Wars as well.

If you don't know what Deity Wars is, check out my (very early) review here.

*SR Ranked cards may possibly not be allowed for gifting, so in that case, I may not be able to gift them. Perhaps a trade in the marketplace could be arranged (maybe trading me a Kujata or something common to identify you with), but I won't know whether if this will work until I try or someone can confirm that this is possible.


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  2. I just play for a few days and found your article pretty helpful, thanks! :)

    About adding friend as ally, I found it pretty disturbing that we can't add friend directly. But somehow, the guild I join is easy to be found so I can ask my friend to search for the guild, find me as the member, then add me there.

    Btw, I just wonder, is the giveaway still ongoing? :")