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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Poll - Rooms

I'm... not entirely sure now what really inspired me to ask this question for the poll, but the results are in.

Which room do you use more?
Bedroom - 5 votes
Other - 1 vote
Living room - 0 votes
Family room - 0 votes
Both living and family room equally - 0 votes
Living and family room are the same room (where you live) - 0 votes
None, I live outdoors - 0 votes

This was an extremely odd question without knowing what I'm getting at here, and... without the context, this poll probably doesn't give me the results I really wanted either. Anyway, probably the most relevant post that pertains to the context of this poll is this rant about how the poorly kept cats are keeping me from hanging out in the family room where the consoles are. I asked this question because I miss being able to lounge in the family room where there are more things to do, where everyone else generally hangs out at, but due to flea problems, as well as dust/animal dander problems due to no one really mopping/vacuuming the house as often as it needs to be, I find the family room to be an unclean, health-hazardous area where I don't want to be in. I mean, I am a fan of Star Ocean, and due to not having a PS3 for a long time, I wasn't able to play my copy of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope that I had since 2 years ago because of a giftcard that I had that was going to expire if I hadn't spent it on something, and despite having a PS3 now finally, I have YET to finish the game still.

It certainly has been a long while since I've really done a review or even a video game progress post like I used to do on the site because of the problem that still persists from a long time ago. Considering that the problem probably will not get solved, despite all the suggestions I've made, I am simply going to have to find an alternative solution to my own problems. One of them being moving the console to the room back here, which might be the best option I have at the moment. It means I won't be able to play PS3 on a HD screen, as well as hogging the Christmas gift that I got for the whole family for the use as a DVD and Blu-ray player since their DVD player was broken, which I feel iffy about.

Coming back to the poll result though, it seems most people spend their time in their bedrooms according to the audience. Which may make sense, but it hadn't really crossed my mind to be a place where I would hang out at the most, due to the previous houses I have lived in, and how our entertainment and furniture were set up. I had not grown up with a TV in my room like how many people do now today. It wasn't until I went to a college dorm when I finally got my own TV, as well as the option of setting up the room how I wanted it, rather than how everyone else wanted it. Come to think of it, if I consider my dorm rooms to be my bedrooms, then it is easily the place where I hung out in the most due to it having everything I needed. It had a bed, TV, gaming console (Game Cube at the time.), a mini-fridge and a microwave, and Lappy. Not sure what else I would need for my own living quarters, other than a bathroom, which obviously wouldn't be in the same room. ... I would hope not...

I certainly do miss both roommates I've had at college now that I look back... I've only been able to really hang out with Vicki's friends since I'm in Florida now instead of New Jersey where I grew up in. I miss everyone back up north, and I should really plan something out for when I pay a visit in November. Hopefully I can get in contact with everyone to do something then.

I do wonder where the person who voted "other" hangs out in though? Maybe the basement? Or perhaps a porch of some kind? Who knows, there are so many different modeled houses out there, you never know what kind of use every living space could have. I guess it'd be great if I could get a job and find my own place to live in, but... I really can't think too much about it until I get myself a job already. It's too bad there are barely any work available down here in Florida for non-Spanish speaking citizens. Kinda messed up if you were to ask me, but that's how things work down here, I guess. With so many Spanish speaking customers, the potential loss of customers for having someone prone to miscommunication working for them could be quite harmful in today's economy. ... Oy, look at me talking about such aimless and wide variety of topics about a poll regarding rooms.

Ultimately, something needs to change for the betterment of my life, I suppose. Whether if it be getting a job and buying a new house (not interested in renting; my parents are going through hell with that as it is), or just moving the console to the back room here. Maybe that way, Firion can have something more to look at in this cluttered room.

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