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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crawling for Progression

It sure has been a while since I've done one of these. A lot of the reason why I stopped doing this was due to the lack of popularity in these posts where I talk about the progresses I've been making in the games that I play, and I don't blame you. Reading text about what part I'm at in each game is not all that interesting, especially if I try to go with no spoilers. Well, not this time! I might as well make use of the spoiler button when appropriate. It also doesn't help that I've been awfully slow at most games since I'm juggling too many at once, making small progress in each. I have been keeping myself from starting up new games though, in hopes of finishing up some more games before I do.

Anyway, let's get started.

Portal 2 - So it's been a long time since I've touched this game again, but I wanted to play through the Co-op with someone, and I didn't have that someone for a while until CrankyCrab invited me to play. So I did, and it was a fun experience for sure. Gotta say, some of the puzzles sure are interesting in Portal 2. Especially those that utilize the new things like the hard light floors/walls, gels, and the excursion funnels. We got to see the end credits for that, but haven't done any of the extra test chambers yet. After that though, I may uninstall this game to make room, unless Vicki finishes single player to play Co-op with me.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness - So I have 2 Legendary Longinus, a legendary Durandal, and a legendary Nirvana that I'm trying to level up right now. The enemy levels grow so ridiculously huge in them that it's quite a pain getting through the levels. In the meantime, I'm also on the hunt for other legendary equips I can find. My thief is around level 310 or so I believe, and it's getting to the point where he can't steal some goodies I want consistently enough. For each of those equips I'm working on, I really only got to level 10. D= It's a loooooong way till I hit level 100, for sure.

Duke Nukem Forever - I got to the Hoover Dam, and damn. I realized that my ego's back down to what it was at start, and all levels I've played aren't selectable now. What the heck? I wonder if it's because I tried playing in offline mode... It's gonna be such a pain getting all those ego boosts back... I'd like to know what caused it, but searching in the Steam forums for the game got me no answers. If anyone knows what the issue is, please leave a comment.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Mmm... Played it briefly, making sure that I haven't missed any djinnis nor summons on the way... even though I haven't had any need to use any summons yet. I just got to Belinsk, where...
we need to meet up with Kraden, right after Sveta leaves the party after hearing that Matthew and the others are going to go and pluck some feathers off of the giant bird thing... I forget now. >_> Yay, quests.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles - Had a friend over to finally get around to playing this game again. Kept getting C Ranks though, but we managed to beat the levels that we hadn't beaten yet. I'm using a FAQ on finding all the files now to make getting higher ranks easier in the future so that I can unlock some more stuff.

Wondering what weapon I should upgrade next though. I think I maxed out the Assault Shotgun, two machine guns, a Magnum pistol, and... that's it so far, I think.

Dead Rising 2 - Was messing around a bit more, and managed to find my second Zombrex after saving some doctor. I also managed to find another Zombrex while I was in the basement after the Ticket to Ride case. Unfortunately, I had to skip a few side quests, especially Chuck the Role Model, since I stumbled into that earlier in the game, and just got... owned. ... Badly. Maybe next time... >_> Currently level 13, I think.

No More Heroes - I think I'm rank 7 now? I'm grabbing all the upgrades and such ASAP, but making money for each next mission can be a pain, as well as having to drive around town for each thing. I wonder what No More Heroes 2 is like.. ? Other than that though, I'm having a lot of fun with this game. >_>

My main ship
Space Pirates And Zombies - Still in Chapter 3, working on Pandora's Box 8/9, level 68 now. Trying to collect more advanced technology and bigger ship hulls and what not. Also hating the crap out of the zombies since they're such a pain to deal with, it feels like. >_>;;; At least I've gotten to the point where I can destroy space stations now, even level 3 stations, if I play it safe with long ranged cannons and spam torpedoes. That seems to be my main strategy against the bigger ships too.. Nail them with torpedoes...

Ship hulls I have available
Ship outfits I have available

Kingdom of Loathing - After grabbing my second upgrade for the telescope from Fernswarthy's Basement, I ascended at level 33 to do some Hardcore No Path, 100% familiar runs, kind of out of the blue. Already did two of them, and working on my third. Including the Black Cat for Bad Moon, I also did Li'l Xenomorph, Fancypants Scarecrow, and currently working on Stocking Mimic as an Accordion Thief right now. After this, I'm thinking maybe the Mini-Hipster to at least unlock the last Astral equip in Valhalla, since I'm tired of seeing it being locked. >_>;

Pardus - I was just recently forced back into the Behemoth, AKA BBB (Big Brown Box), as no one was upkeeping Cesoho Urban Nook Terminal, AKA CUNT for me. In the short time I was in my Gauntlet, I did a few ranking missions and killed a few stuff to get some EXP, skills, and ribbons, but I'm still far from getting a Doomstar. D= As of now, I'm only 35% towards becoming an Admiral.

Rusty Hearts - I'm a level 13 Frantz right now, and... even though I thought that this would be a fun game to play with friends, with the EXP being shared, and there being so many quests to keep you occupied with playing solo, it feels so much more like a single player game. Not sure what to make of this. Either way, it's fun, especially with the Gamepad. Afraid that the later levels might be grindy though. We'll see when I run out of quests to do.

Alpha Bounce - With only 3 free games per day, there's not much to talk about in this. However, I do have to say that I'm fairly frustrated with some of the harder planets, since they're such a pain in the ass. >_>;;; I ended up skipping on them to do more ESCorp cleaning missions to get more minerals and work towards getting more upgrades later on. Did 78 cleaning missions so far, I believe. We'll see what I should do next when I hit 100.

Ehhhh, I'm probably going to hold off on playing console games for a while, just to let you guys know. The cats in the house have fleas, and I've been getting bitten badly by them again lately, especially when I go out to the family room. My feet are an itchy mess, and I got bitten on the neck yesterday while playing RE:UC and DR2. My plans are to finish Duke Nukem, with Ego or not. >_<

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