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Monday, January 23, 2012

Failure - Nice Joke

So I've had a pretty rough start this year with the blog. I got distracted by other activities, mostly not even for my own personal benefit either, to post as regularly as I would have. On top of all that, it turns out that I can't seem to gain access to the list of people who has "liked" The Code from the Facebook Like button either. Add to that, how little the number of participants were for the Giveaway event, that I am going to be cancelling the raffle.

Don't worry, if you're still interested in the coupons that I have, please just leave a comment with your Steam Username, and then contact me on Steam. If you search "Locke Trufeld", you should be able to find me. If not, try this link.

Of course, this means that now the coupons are first come, first serve, so don't miss out on a nice opportunity to save some money on games.

Though I wonder when Sacred 2 will be available again, because it appears that Steam ran out of activation codes for the game, and hasn't been up for sale in a while. Just a heads up for those that are interested in the game.

Anyway, while I've been busy with many other activities, I have managed to get some more things working on The Code as well, such as a new chatroom on the side. Scroll down a bit and you should see it on the right side, if you have scripts activated.

I also found a code that I can use for hiding spoilers via a button to toggle the hidden text and images. It looks something like this, and even though I really haven't touched much on spoilers, I intend on using this in the future for anything that I find to be spoileriffic.

Mini4ku spoiler parts
So I feel like I am ready to discuss about many things that I avoided previously due to spoilers, and I sure am not going to talk about spoilers in a review post I do.

Also, I plan on adding some randomized images on the blog, mostly for the top and side banners, just to add a little more flavor to the site. With more inspiration and images to work with, I'll probably be adding more images as time goes on. Here's one of the themes I've made already.

Other themes in mind are...
  • Firion
  • Crescent Legends - Something that matches Clarine on the side, perhaps
  • Many game themes (Terraria, etc.)
  • Anime mashup (Things that I watch, of course. Nothing in mind yet)
  • Everything mashup
I do like how the Vanguardian Axis theme came out. Perhaps better than how Clarine's turned out on the side, although I feel like I spent a fair bit more time on that one with more effects and what not. It feels like the horizontal banner is harder to do with most things humanoid, unless I pose them horizontally instead. I'm thinking Firla or anyone else I finish designing can be done that way on the horizontal banner. Of course, Firion could probably work better in horizontal than vertical, so hopefully he'll pose for me when the time comes. >_> Still no feesh light though. I tried to make one real quick, but... this is how it turned out. Also, please ignore my dirty plate. >_>;; Didn't realize that got in there.

My makeshift attempt at making a feesh light. It sucks.
Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully I'll be in the artistic mood to work on some more images soon.

Oh, one more thing. Bonus points for those who get the reference to the title of this post.

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