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Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's already May, so here's... wait... 
It turns out that the polls aren't working on the site for some reason, and I can't get it to show any of the votes. I'm not sure how to fix it, so... it looks like polls will be taken down until further notice from the developers. 

For those curious as to what the poll was about before it was taken down, it was... 

How well can you draw?

I ask this mainly because I've been looking for an artist for some time now, wanting to start up a web comic of some sort. Some of my close friends already know this as Project Button Mashers, but the most it has to show are a couple of ideas for jokes and a generalized plot. Obviously, I have considered drawing these comics myself, but my artistic capabilities, especially when it comes to drawing people, are rather limited. I've also considered doing this with stick figures or with some other simple art direction, but with the characters having some importance in the series, simple art like that wouldn't portray the characters to their best effect. 

I really don't care about how the art style looks, although I am a fan of anime. As long as it has a more unique style from the other web comics out there, I feel that it will have a better chance at being something else than just another video game web comic on the internet. 

The last option was to just put myself on a green screen and photoshop myself into the comics, but not everyone in the comic's cast wanted to be portrayed that way in there, which is understandable. Not to mention the lack of fitting roles to do that as well.

Unfortunately, Project Button Mashers will continue to be delayed until I find someone who can draw even some simple character designs for me. 

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