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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Poll - Holidays

It's the middle of December, so here's another poll!

What do you do on your holiday vacations?
Relax at home - 1 vote
Hang out with friends - 1 vote
Visit people far away - 1 vote
Everyday is a holiday! - 1 vote
Volunteer to make a difference - 0 votes
What holiday? Keep working! - 0 votes
Other - 0 votes

So I felt like asking this question due to conflicting ideas on how to spend our Thanksgiving vacation. People have different ideas of how they'd want to spend their vacations. It made me wonder what majority of people enjoy doing on their vacations. But in the end, I guess I should have simply asked whether if you were Introverted or Extroverted.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was able to hang out with my friends on my birthday, and considering it's been over 2 years since I've been back to NJ, it's been an awfully long time since I've seen them. I wouldn't mind hanging out more often if I didn't have to travel over 900 miles to get there. There are other people that I wouldn't mind meeting as well, some of whom I've never met before other than online. Too bad unlike back at home, I wouldn't have a place to stay if I were to visit them.

Other than hanging out with others, I wouldn't mind staying home and relaxing. I mean, I have more than plenty of things to do on my own time. I have plenty of console games to play at home, even if it's just on the PS2 or Wii, more than a year's worth of Steam games to play, most likely, and all the reviews I would be writing for each one would keep me occupied for quite a good while. But Vicki on the other hand, doesn't feel like she's doing anything unless she goes out, apparently, even when she has things she has to do at home. I just can't seem to understand that fully, as I only really bother going out if I have business somewhere outside. If you're getting things done, usually opportunities for more business outside tend to arise, like going shopping or the likes.

Considering how often I find myself too busy to get everything I want to do done, I just can't justify spending my precious time on volunteering. Volunteering is fine for people who just don't have anything to do, or if you're very passionate about the cause you're volunteering for. In the case for the latter however, you should at least be able to weigh the options for what you need to do and volunteering. But this is just an issue of being able to set your priorities straight. In fact, if there was a cause that I really cared for, I may just as well donate some money towards the cause than having to spend time on volunteering, provided I can trust the money will be spent wisely towards the cause.

Getting back on track from the tangent, time is my most precious commodity. I simply don't have enough of it to do everything that I want, and other things are constantly taking me away from what time I have. So vacations are usually my time of great productivity, if I don't end up going somewhere. Although I enjoy being productive, being able to hang out with friends easily takes priority, especially after college since everyone will have different work hours and hanging out becomes a rare occurrence due to schedule issues. So vacations are also the best opportunity to get together and hang out.

Well, this Christmas vacation, if I'll have a vacation, I'm hoping I'll have time to work more on some content here; quite possibly a new League of Legends post about Season 3, and maybe update my old guides for Akali and Janna.

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