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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rage - Broken Telemarketing Machines

I've been getting a whole bunch of telemarketer calls on my cell phone lately, and it's becoming quite the nuisance. Most of them are for some college education at some low-ranking, for-profit colleges that I wouldn't even bother with, especially after my experience at the college I went to for a computer science degree.

While I'm at it, let me make this clear here. I have no money to pay for today's ridiculous tuition fees for college education, I absolutely hate being in debt so forget student loans, and the last thing I'd get a loan for is for mediocre education again. Seriously, what good is a degree if you can earn it without learning much in the field? How is that stupid piece of paper going to prove what I am capable of in order to get a job? I plan on just doing what artists do and build a portfolio of my works to show people that are interested in hiring me instead of a piece of paper showing proof that I spent a lot of time and money for.

Regardless, there is one place that's really been pissing me off, and it's this number. 407-218-5912

Whoever it is or whatever it is, putting that number up here wouldn't do any harm as far as I can tell because it is some machine that calls people up, I'm assuming. Except it's broken and has no pre-recorded messages to play when people answer. Just absolutely stupid. No matter how fast you answer, or call them back, they never say anything. Someone needs to hunt down this machine and smash it for everyone's sake, since Google searching this number shows that other people get these dumb calls too. Well, here's another page complaining about the number.

I wish I can get back to sleep now...

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