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Monday, April 30, 2012

"There ain't no getting offa this train we on!"

Sorry for the crude Photoshop and stupid FF7 references, I felt like I haven't been messing around with Photoshop lately, and this is the sad result of what happens when I'm uninspired, I guess. Anyway, I'm enjoying Spirit Tracks so far. Before I get too far into details though, here are the results of the last poll.

Do you ever find yourself naming your video game characters something obscene or stupid?
Yes, sometimes - 3 votes
Yes, all the time - 1 vote
No, I like their default names - 1 vote
Does "AAAA" count as stupid? - 1 vote
Yes, after I've played through the game once - 0 votes
No, I give them personal names - 0 votes

This question was brought up because of how people seem to give Link some messed up names at times. >_> Even on ScrewAttack's Screwin' Around live stream, Ben and Lauren named Link, "PooP" on Wind Waker. In fact, I think Vicki named Link "Asshole" for some reason. ._. I generally tend to stick with the default names, and if they don't come with default names, "Locke" tends to be the personal name I'd give the main character. Then there are games out there that are simply hilarious when you give characters certain names where a certain dialogue may be toyed when that character's name is in there.

Well, as for my progresses...

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - I'm headed for the dungeon in the Fire Realm now, so I'm getting close to finishing the game, I'm sure. The game plays fairly similarly to Phantom Hourglass in terms of game progression, so I can sort of judge how far is left in the game, I guess. I wonder if I should put any effort into any of the mini-games though. Especially catching all the rabbits...

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Well, I'm still exploring Roak for the most part. I like how the town has the same music from Star Ocean 1 with some nice orchestration now. Just need to find more time to play. >_>

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Got all the endings, except Jill and Shuma Gorath's of course. I'd really like to get the DLC characters whenever I can... I think I might work on getting better at fighting via Heroes and Heralds mode while collecting cards or something.

So... there hasn't been very many things to talk about lately, and I'm hoping I could get some suggestions on what I could talk about. Guild Wars 2 is still in its beta, and I really haven't been working on the Hall of Monuments like I should be either. >_>; However... I did find something interesting on YouTube...

Phantasy Star Online 2

This game looks amazing. Might have the most elaborate and detailed character customization I've seen in a game. Might surpass Soul Calibur's character creation system even. Many improvements from the original PSO, of course, and considering how much fun my friends and I have had with PSO, I have high hopes for PSO2. ... Just that I wasn't planning on getting myself into another MMORPG again, aside from Guild Wars 2. >_< Of course, PSO2 is still in beta testing in Japan only at the moment, but hopefully this game will make its way to the US in the future.

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