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Thursday, February 23, 2012

MMORPG Exploration Heaven?

So with Guild Wars 2 being open for beta testing now, quite a lot of news and details are out there. Among them, was how this game will incorporate some sort of platforming while exploring the world. Like most other MMORPGs, I was expecting something like hopping a gap between ledges to get to the other side, or find some loot off to the side that requires a little climbing up to get to. Well... This video completely throws those thoughts out the door.

Holy crap, that's some... REAL platforming to do in the game. Not to mention how high some of these environments can get. Apparently there's also fall damage involved as well, so it makes me wonder how long it'll be before some cash shop items that reduces or negates fall damage, or have some sort of warp/fly ability/tool to bypass the difficulty of platforming in the game, cause I can certainly see some people getting frustrated with some of these things.

So is this an exploration heaven for those who wish to explore a REALLY massive world, or a nightmare for those who lag with lots of graphical rendering that's required with this huge world and make it harder to reach higher areas? ... I'm somewhat concerned, but at the same time, I'm not participating in the beta testing due to myself already having a lot to do as it is. ... Like getting more Hall of Monuments points. >_>;

Some things to note is that NPCs won't block your path, and won't be left behind and/or be falling off constantly, taking fall damage and what not. Good thing that won't be a source of frustration with this type of platforming. Don't get me wrong though. I like the idea of this huge world exploration. I just saw that this might not be something that everyone would enjoy going through. I've known quite a lot of people who are picky about the MMORPGs they play. Then again, with such a huge selection out there, perhaps they have a good reason to. I just hope that Guild Wars 2 is going to be that next big MMORPG everyone I know will be playing.

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