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Thursday, February 9, 2012

KoL - My HCNP Run Day 3 Analysis

Click here for the details and Day 1 of this run analysis.
Click here for Day 2 analysis.

Day 3 - Goal: Level up as high as I can while completing quests. Speed and power through!
Level 8 to Level 10

Continuing on from yesterday, I work towards getting the Pirate Fledges first. Tomes to be used today is fairly open for any occasion for the most part. I'll hold out on them until I find a good opportunity to use them for today.

Today is a hard day to decide what to use the Fax Machine for. I generally fax an ASCII art on Day 3, but I'm not sure if this is the best option given my current situation. Probably too early to bother Yellow Raying a Mobile War Frat Grilling Unit or whatever for the Level 12 Quest. But if there are no other option, it's very well an option while leaving Day 4 open for a Lobsterfrogman, if need be. Without a Cupid though, it isn't that great of a help. 

So after getting the Pirate Fledges without too much trouble with the RNG giving me bad encounters or anything, I notice that I'm still only halfway to level 9 so far. Taking my advice from yesterday, I'll bring my Stocking Mimic in hopes of getting a Bittersweet Tart, and maybe some Polka Pops for the level 12 quest, while I either get back to the > Dungeon to get a zapping wand and enough ! potions, or unlock Lord Spookyraven's Ballroom. Once I get a Bittersweet Tart, I'll prepare for all the free combats I can get via BRICKO monsters, Hellseals, and even the Mini-Hipster combats to milk out some effects as much as possible. Such effects include...
  • Full of Wist - 10 Adventures, +X Stats Per Fight
  • Brother Corsican's Blessings - 20 Adventures, +2 Familiar Experience Per Fight
  • Feet of (Fruit) - 5 Adventures, +3 Specific Stat Gain Per Fight
  • Any other effects that are hard to gain, rewarding, and/or worth milking through free combats.
So I unlock Spookyraven's second floor, and don't have enough stats to go into the bedroom without buffing up my stats. Considering I still have the > Dungeon to work on, I pass on it for now. Unfortunately, the Stocking Mimic hasn't given me a Bittersweet Tart yet, but I did get a Polka Pop for later. While I still have 4 adventures of Teleportitis after getting the Oracle, I spend those turns at the Daily Dungeon, as the Daily Dungeon isn't affected by Teleportitis. Alternatively, I could also spend the adventures on cooking up today's food, but I've managed to get 100 MP for Inigo with the Stocking Mimic. I use Inigo to make a Milk of Magnesium and upgrade one of the booze I got from Barrrney's Barrr. Next 2 casts of Inigo would be for today's Reagent Pasta. After the Daily Dungeon, I go back to the Dungeon of Doom. By the time I get my zapping wand, I only got 2 large and 2 small boxes of potions. It'll have to do for now though, and now I am in a position where I have little to do. The only thing left is unlocking the Ballroom, so I cast Rage of Reindeer and/or Power Ballad of Arrowsmith to get in, with the Mini-Hipster to help me in combat at the Bedroom.

Level 9 Quest finally after leveling at the Haunted Bedroom. This was a huge mess here though with not getting the scrolls I wanted, which makes me wonder whether if I should have just used the Fax Machine for an ASCII art today. On top of that, I also forgot that I still haven't killed the Knob Goblin King yet, so I go and do that after finishing the Level 9 Quest. While I'm at it, killed the Bonerdagon as well.

At this point, I'm out of things to do, again. Gotta reach level 10, so I unlocked the Ballroom, and now I'm collecting more Tower Monster items. After looking through what few upgrades I have on my telescope, I learn that I'm going to fight a Fickle Finger of F8, and a El Diablo. I already have a Razor Sharp Can Lid, so I'll head off to grab a Mariachi G-String. I use Combat boosting skills like Musk of the Moose and Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation here. After that, I just go to the Haunted Bathroom for MP and stats til I hit level 10.

Start Level 10 Quest. Non-combat boosts active throughout for the most part, as well as some focus on item drops here. I've been noticing how Shield Butt's really not helping much with damage with just a Hot Plate. Unfortunately, it's still the only shield I have so far, so I gave up and started using the Drywall Axe and spam Clobber instead. It sadly deals about the same damage for no MP cost right now. Still very reliant on my familiars, particularly the Mini-Hipster and Tickle-me Emilio, especially in the Castle. Still need more stats till level 11, so I go ahead and work towards getting all the Star equips ready.

Thoughts: Well, I've been pushing +40 ML today, but I tend to be relying on my familiars to help me in combat so much, that I haven't really been using my Baby Sandworm as much as I'd liked to for stats. I got a few turns with it in the Penultimate Fantasy Airship, but that's about it. Having a better shield would have definitely helped in fighting stronger enemies, but I didn't get very lucky with item drops this run it seems, and it's hurting the run badly with my plan on pushing lots of +ML. I would consider dropping the Hipposkin Poncho for a Yak Anorak perhaps, but I'm not too far away from the Black Woods with the Black Knight gear, which I plan on getting the full outfit for ASAP.

Adventure Count for Day 3
39 Banked from yesterday
+ 41 : Rollover + Fashionably Late
+ 17 : Used 3 Agua de Vida.
- 7 : Spent in F'c'le getting the Pirate Fledges.
- 10 : Spent in the Haunted Billiards Room to unlock the Library.
- 6 : Spent in the Haunted Library to unlock the second floor.
- 3 : Spent in getting and reading the Plus Sign at the > Dungeon. (Perfect!)
- 7 : Spent in the Daily Dungeon.
- 13 : Spent in the Dungeon of Doom. Got Bittersweet Tart
- 0 : Spent fighting free combats. (5 BICKO Ooze, 1 BRICKO Bat, 3 Wretched Seals, 1 Cute Seal, 1 failed Hermetic Seal combat)
- 9 : Spent in the Dungeon of Doom to get zapping wand.
- 5 : Spent in the Haunted Bedroom to Level 9.
- 37 : Spent in Orc Chasm.
+ 33, 30, 10 : Ate 2 Reagent Pasta and Raviolli Della Hippy (Summon Lunch)
- 14 : Finished up in Orc Chasm.
- 2 : Killed Knob Goblin King and Bonerdagon.
- 1 : Yellow Ray a War Frat Mobile Grill Unit from Fax Machine.
- 10 : Spent in Haunted Bedroom to unlock Ballroom.
- 3 : Spent in Lair of the Ninja Snowmen for a frozen shuriken.
- 19 : Spent in South of the Border. Too many run-ins with kids selling chicles.
- 15 : Spent in the Haunted Bathroom for stats and MP.
+ 18, 9, 5, 5, 7 : Drank Ocean Motion, Grog, and 3 Pumpkin Beers with Ode. Level up.
- 41 : Spent in Penultimate Fantasy Airship? Lost count, honestly.
+ 8, 9, 4, 4, 4 : Drank Redrum, Rum and Cola, 2 Shots of Rotgut, and a Cream Stout with Ode.
- 25 : Spent in Giant's Castle.
- 6 : Spent in Pandamonium Slums to get a Ruby W that I somehow missed.
- 11 : Spent in The Hole in the Sky, unfinished.
+ 28 : Drank Bucket of Wine for night cap with Ode to Booze.

244 Adventures spent total for Day 3.
594 Adventures spent total.
40 Adventures banked for Day 4.

Note to self: Today sucked.

Click here for Day 4 analysis.

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