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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KoL - My HCNP Run Day 2 Analysis

Click here for the details and Day 1 of this run analysis.

Maintaining my buffs and juggling MP familiars sure is an awful lot of micromanagement, especially when you have a low max MP. When the familiar doesn't give me much MP during combats too, sometimes I'll run out of MP and lose some of my buffs for a few adventures. I'd like to work on minimizing that as much as possible, but I have to press on for now.

Day 2 - Goal: Level up as high as I can while completing quests. Aim for Milk of Magnesium access before eating.
Level 6 - Level 8

Finishing up from yesterday, need to get the Level 6 Quest done first. Run non-combat boosting buffs, and try to get some decent stat gains, item drops, MP, and familiar drops as well. But before that, I take my second cold shower in the VIP Clan to complete my Double-Ice Cap to help with the MP management.

After that, for Azazel's Quest, use the non-combat boosts to get the items needed for helping Sven Golly and the band members. Probably not all that important though as the non-combats aren't hard to get. Instead, the major focus is boosting your item drop rate to get all the Imp Airs and Bus Passes. I used my Spangle pants Scarecrow at this point to make combats easier and boost my item drop by a lot. As tempted as I am to equip the Hilarious Comedy Prop for HP and MP regen, I push through unarmed for the Kung Fu Hustler bonus for the item drops. The Level 7 Quest benefits from the bonuses as well, so if possible, I'll push through to that as well.

Of course, I forgot to take a vacation earlier today though, so I take one now to get my first tower item. By now, I could I have taken my 3rd vacation... More reason for me to finish upgrading my telescope to not have to worry about getting all three tower items from the Shore. I'm close to reaching level 7, so I'll do something else to get to level 7. In this case, go kill the Boss Bat now, and get the Digital Key. By the time I kill Boss Bat though, I hit level 7, but I'll go ahead and get the Digital Key first, in an attempt to get Olfaction off its 40 turn cooldown while working on the other areas in the Cyrpt.

So while waiting for Olfaction to wear off of the Blooper, I go to the Defiled Nook and Defiled Alcove while I still have my Kung Fu Hustler bonuses. Spangle Scarecrow at the nook, MP restoring familiars at the alcove, Baby Bugged Bugbear at the cranny for more ML while running non-combat boosts, and just used Tickle-Me Emilio at the Niche for stats and MP.

Daily Dungeon with Astral Shell at this point, after getting enough ingredients for Skeleton Keys from the Nook. My goal is to reach level 8 before I start eating food, but after getting the token from a not-so lucky Daily Dungeon today, I'm down to 15 adventures to reach level 8. Speaking of which, now is a good time to Yellow Ray the Miner from the Fax Machine. After doing so, I go to level at the Dungeon shaped like <, then go straight to the Level 8 Quest when I can.

I go ahead and farm up the Dairy Goat for food ingredients for the rest of the run, and finish up the quest as well. Slimeling helps with MP restoring now, especially with the heavy use of Olfaction today. After that, just hand in the cheese with Astral Shell to finish the quest entirely. Also, make a Hipposkin Poncho to wear whenever my stats allow me to.

After the Level 8 Quest, the ideal place to move on to is to the Barrrney's Barrr to work towards getting the Pirate Fledges. So I take my last 2 vacations and head over there to insult some pirates. At this point, I start equipping a Spiked Femur and a Hot Plate, mostly to reduce the damage I take as much as possible, due to not being able to equip my usual equipments while in Barrrney's Barrr. This also allows me to use Shield Butt for 100% hit rate. However, not getting the coffin shield certainly isn't helping with damage reduction at all, unfortunately. But it's better than no shield at this point.

I tend to spend a lot of time at Barrrney's Barrr, mostly because of the amount of RNG involved in collecting insults, but also for stats and booze here. I tend to rely on a good supply of booze here for the future, after having gotten Liver of Steel.

Well, my goal was to reach as high as level as I can, and it's unfortunate that I can't push myself to reaching level 9 before the end of the day here. If I was a Mysticality class, I would consider going to Lord Spookyraven's Bathroom, but as a Muscle class, there are no good place to level that isn't so out of the way like Spookyraven's Gallery, and even then, that's not all that great of a place IMO, unless you Clover there. It also didn't help today that my Max MP is still not quite high enough to go safely over 100 MP for casting Inigo for saving turns on crafting. As for the Clip Art summons, I summoned an Unbearable Light, and 2 Buckets of Booze. One for today to cap with, and the other is for tomorrow, saving myself a tome cast for tomorrow. If rollover didn't creep up on me so quickly, I would also spend a few adventures with the Stocking Mimic to get a Bittersweet Tart to use while fighting BRICKO monsters and some hellseals for more stats. I'll be needing them to reach level 9 and 10, surely.

Adventure Count for Day 2
60 Banked from yesterday
+ 41 : Rollover + Fashionably Late
- 30 : Spent on completing Level 6 Quest.
- 21 : Spent on Azazel's Quest.
- 3 : 2nd Vacation at the Shore.
- 6 : Spent in Boss Bat Chamber to kill the Boss Bat.
- 23 : Spent collecting pixels for Digital Key. Olfaction used on Blooper.
+ 11, 11, 5, 6, 5, 2 : Drank 2 Natto-infused sake, 3 Pumpkin Beer, and an Imp Ale with Ode to Booze.
- 13 : Spent in Defiled Nook.
- 8 : Spent in Defiled Alcove.
- 12 : Spent in Defiled Cranny.
- 10 : Spent in Defiled Niche. Olfaction used.
- 4 : Killed all 4 Defiled sub-bosses.
- 3 : 3rd Vacation at the Shore.
+ 18 : Used 3 Coffee Pixie Sticks.
- 7 : Spent in Daily Dungeon.
- 7 : Spent in < Dungeon to level.
- 1 : Yellow Ray a Miner from the Fax Machine.
- 7 : Spent digging in the mines, even with Accompanied Miner, unfortunately.
- 1 : Cocktail crafting Tavern Swill booze.
+ 14 : Drank Tavern Swill booze with Ode to Booze.
- 9 : Spent in Goatlet to get some cooking ingredients. Olfacted Dairy Goat.
- 5 : Cooked a Milk of Magnesium and 2 Reagent Pastas.
+ 29, 31, 9 : Ate 2 Reagent Pastas, and a Delicious Noodle (from Summon Lunch).
- 9 : Spent in Goatlet for food supplies for the rest of the run.
- 6 : 4th and 5th Vacations at the Shore.
- 16 : Spent in the Pirates Cove to get the Swashbuckling Getup.
- 23 : Spent in Barrrney's Barrr insulting pirates.
- 6 : Spent getting to play Insult Beer Pong, failed once, and succeeded the next, with 6 out of 8 insults.
+ 27 : Drank Bucket of Wine for the night cap with Ode to Booze.

230 Adventures spent total for Day 2.
350 Adventures spent total.
39 Adventures banked for Day 3.

Note to self: Make more time for playing while logging my actions so I won't have to race against rollover.

Click here for Day 3 analysis.

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