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Friday, February 10, 2012

KoL - My HCNP Run Day 4 Fail Analysis

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Day 4 - Goal: Get Black Knight gear ASAP, keep pushing through to start Level 12 Quest.
Level 10 to Level 11

After the rough ride that was yesterday, I'm not entirely in the best position for finishing this run today, unfortunately. In fact, I might be slightly behind how I usually do by Day 4, so I'm hoping I won't be missing out on a 5 Day run.

I probably should have been doing this a lot earlier, but I decide to just go spell slinging at the Hole in the Sky by tuning my spells via Flavour of Magic to Cold spells. I wanted to save as much MP, but I really need to push stats at this point to get to level 11 quickly. To be more MP efficient, I'll equip an Oversized Pizza Cutter, and also drink a Tobiko-Infused Sake. After getting the three Star equips I need, I go back to the Haunted Bathroom with a Llama Lama to use Roach form for stats and item drop boosts. At this point, I only have 1 gong for some reason.. I usually get a lot more earlier on in my runs.

Starting the Level 11 Quest, ... there really isn't to much to explain, other than what's already known. My plans were to get the Black Knight gear, which definitely made combat so much easier. A LOT less damage taken, I can hit without having to use Shield Butt, even with +40 ML, and allows me more freedom with my familiars. However, after getting the Black Knight gear, I ran out of MP, so I decided to equip some MP regen stuff for the Hidden Temple. Might as well explore the Hidden City with the Mini-Hipster now as well.

... And.. holy crap. Rollover crept up on me waaay too quickly today. Not getting enough sleep due to loud neighbors who's also nocturnal or something sure doesn't help. Someone woke me up in the middle of the night with some loud ... voice commands? All of a sudden, I hear the words, "paragraph" and "essay", loud and clear as if they were standing right outside the window where our bed is, and I haven't the slightest clue why. After that, the same neighbor decided to cut some trees down using a chainsaw in the morning. Having a sleeping disorder is bad enough, but when people pull this kind of shit, it's pretty much a slap in the face. Had a headache that's been keeping me from getting things done, and many distractions on top of that. Things like this happen from time to time, and... it definitely sucks, especially if it happens on a run that's going pretty well, or on a run where I use a holiday for the run as well. This run wasn't going all that well as I had hoped, so it's not a big loss, other than being a bad example of a good run for the purpose of this guide. =/ This definitely has been a learning experience for doing things that are needed for writing a guide, and honestly, it can be stressful, especially for a game that is on a timely schedule of rollover every 24 hours. [/rant]

Adventure Count for Day 4
40 Banked from yesterday
+ 41 : Rollover + Fashionably Late
+ 24 : Used 3 Agua de Vida.
+ 8, 4, 10, 7, 7 : Drank Spiced Rum, Snifter of thoroughly aged brandy, Tobiko-infused sake, 2 pumpkin beer.
- 27 : Spent in Hole in the Sky.
- 12 : Llama Lama Gong (Roach Form)
- 17 : Spent in Haunted Bathroom.
- 15 : Spent in Black Forest.
- 6 : Spent in Shore. (Forgot forged ID.)
- 6 : Spent in the Poop Deck (unfinished)
- 24 : Spent in Hidden Temple.
- 15 : Spent in Hidden City.
- 7 : Spent in the Poop Deck to unlock.
- 6 : Spent in the Haunted Ballroom to unlock.
+ 33, 29, 13 : Ate 2 Reagent Pastas and a Fishy Fish Casserole with Milk of Magnesium.
- 12 : Spent in the Belowdecks.
+ 49 : Drank booze + nightcap with Ode to Booze.

147 Adventures spent total for Day 4.
741 Adventures spent total.
114 Adventures banked for Day 5.

Note to self: Move to a quieter neighborhood for a less stressful experience.

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