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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: Off to a Rough Start

Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry this post is awfully late though. It seems like I caught a cold from the New Year's party. It isn't anything terribly bad, but it's a nuisance for sure.

I was going to talk about New Year's Resolution, but I'm not sure if I feel quite satisfied with my last year's goal of greatly improving the blog. Sure, it has indeed improved, but far from greatly. I've accumulated quite a lot of views in the past year; far more than what I was expecting, but I still have the same site layout and graphics. I was hoping I would be able to work up some Photoshop magic to make more art, but I've definitely been too busy and lacked inspiration to pull off said magic it seems.

My current plans for the blog right now is to mostly finish up the things that I've started. Particularly, finish updating the Deity Wars Galleries whenever it looks like they've finished adding new common N cards, and move on to NN cards. Second, I'd like to keep up all the game reviews, especially since I got so many new games for Christmas that I've been playing a lot lately. There's also an App review that I've been writing for a while and haven't posted yet as well. Third, I would like to write a guide/tips for playing as Kog'Maw on League of Legends, but I'm not sure if there is enough things to cover to call it a full "guide". Seeing he's the one that I've learned how to play more consistently lately though, it's most likely that I'll want to write that guide whenever I feel ready to do so. Aside from that, I may talk a bit about Guild Wars 2 now too, since I've been playing that here and there now. The sense of exploration is definitely great, and rewarding. I'm looking forward to what all the stories it has to offer.

Also, I guess those who keep up with the polls here have noticed that I've changed around how frequently the polls are up now. I currently have a monthly poll that ends on the 15th of every month, a poll that's up for 3 months for longer term questions, and an extra one that I slap in whenever I feel like it. Kind of feels inconsistent, but gotta ask the questions when they come up, I guess.

Well, hopefully I'll recover from the cold soon enough, and get back to working more on the blog if possible.

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