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Friday, January 25, 2013

Recovery into Progress

So I am officially fully recovered from whatever it was that I was sick with. I have been for a while now, I guess, but at the same time, there hasn't been too many things for me to talk about on the blog lately, despite there being plenty of things for me to do. My current goals are to get more Deity Wars galleries out since that project's been on hold for long enough it seems. Just that the events don't seem to stop on these games, so it constantly keeps you busy. Other than that, there are (barely) efforts in bringing more images to this text-covered blog. It's just a matter of balancing how I use my time at this point. In the meantime, however, I wanted to talk about several things, including my usual video game progresses that I've been seldom doing lately.

The biggest thing I wanted to talk about however is how I am excited to hear that Project X Zone is going to be released outside of Japan in Summer 2013! I see myself picking this title up as soon as it comes out instead of waiting for price drops like how I usually do. Probably because Theatrhythm didn't really fulfill my RPG desires, despite how I'm still playing it daily. Sure, I guess I have Guild Wars 2, and several other games I haven't started yet for RPGs, but I still feel the need to finish some of what I've started before starting those up. Maybe I just miss playing Super Robot Wars games though...

Anyway, onto my usual progress report!

Devil May Cry 3 - I just had to start playing this game since I was in the mood for action. As awesome as it is, I'm surprised to notice that the feel of the game kind of feels similar to Rusty Hearts. Maybe after I finish DMC3 and 4, I'll get back into playing it again... if this next game doesn't keep me occupied.

Guild Wars 2 - Man, the game is so huge. At least, it feels very huge. Somewhat overwhelming maybe. So much to explore, so many activities to do. Human Guardian at level 40, and Sylvari Mesmer is at level 17. Playing a bit more on the Mesmer right now to collect copper for armor smithing and jewelery crafting. Still haven't partied with anyone, nor play any PVP, but still a blast to play. Can't wait to get together with my friends to do some bigger things in it.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - Been casually leveling characters up, collecting Dark Notes, trying to unlock the rest of the characters like Princess Sara, Kain, Sephiroth, Seifer, Prishe, Snow, and Cosmos. Rhythmia is currently at 75k, and... what else is there to say? I'm afraid after I unlock everything, I won't be playing the game as often. I DID already write the review for this after all.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Still looking for Wiggler's segments in World 3. At least I'm making progress now, finally. Didn't realize that I needed to make a hidden block show up where the leaf hits the wooden pole sticking out of the swamp to jump across the gap above. It's cool that the game takes quite a bit of thinking to play, but I'm not entirely sure if I like how the invisible ? Blocks are used at times. I ended up going into World 4-1 to look for a bridge or something... ._.; Other than that, the game feels great to play. Looking forward to reviewing this.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Another game that I'm looking forward to review, both of which has great use of 3D on the 3DS. I'm currently on Chapter 14 or so, trying to push through on difficulty 5.0, but not always succeeding. Trying to get a good, ranged weapon at this point, but haven't had too much luck yet.

Kingdom of Loathing - Did two Class Act runs. They're okay, but certainly isn't the most exciting to play. Instead, I decided to pick up the Sleeping Jung Man for the psychosis jars, and... wow. They certainly did mean a lot of content when they said it has a lot of content. I'm more interested in fully exploring these new areas more than ascending. Maybe by the time I'm done, the new ascension path will be up.

Pardus - I am currently at 98% progress towards becoming an Admiral. That means I'll be sporting a new ship soon with a totally different game plan than the past year or so than how I've been playing. My foes had better watch their backs.

That's about all that's worth talking about, I guess. I just hope I can get enough things done while scratching things off my backlog at a decent pace as well...

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