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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Extended Torture

So I said earlier that I was going to be playing some console games, finally, and how I was going to prioritize on finishing Star Ocean: The Last Hope International finally, after 3 and a half years from launch. Well, it turns out that my PS3-less torture continues since the PS3 Phat I have here decided to break as soon as I put a disc in. It won't read the disc I put in, and the console refuses to eject the disc as well. If not for downloaded games, the console is practically useless, whilst holding my UMVC3 disc hostage.

Not sure if I've told the story about this PS3 Phat, but... here's the short story. I randomly found this PS3 Phat in the garage. It turns out my Dad had made a trade with one of his customers which got him the PS3, but never really told us about it. In the end, the PS3 Slim was announced, along with a price drop, and now the PS3 Phat keeps having issues that requires constant repairs.

The moral of the story is, trades are risky... Also, if something's been sitting in the garage for a while, it probably belongs there.

I may just buy myself a new PS3...

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