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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mysteriously Present

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in over a week, been having a busy week at my job. I've been working on the Kid Icarus: Uprising review, but it feels like there's so much to cover in it that I feel both overwhelmed at where to start, as well as not having enough time to finish the review within what time I have available this week. I probably won't get enough free time to finish it until Sunday, and the mysterious absence from the blog just seemed a bit questionable.

In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and talk about my experience on the game, mainly discussing the weapons I have.

I've beat all the chapters, and now I'm working on the Treasure Hunt. I'm still far from completing them, but I decided that I at least want to unlock all the weapons, so that's my current focus right now.

To start off, the more straightforward Treasure Hunt challenges to work on were the ones where you beat each chapter within a certain amount of time, so I decided to run through most of them using a Drill Arm on 2.0 Intensity.

Drill Arm: Value 324
Ranged: 3
Melee: 3

Overall defense +5
Poison +3
Speed +3
Standing ch. shot +1
Bkwd-dash cont fire +2
Heart bonus +1

It certainly is a pretty decent weapon, and I got most of the earlier challenges done with them. Then I found some that requires even less time than what I could do with the Drill Arm, and decided that I may need some Claws with a Speed modifier. Perhaps some powers could help, but I may need to work on finding some that will help as well, like Super Speed, which I still don't have.

Instead, now I'm just working on collecting more weapons, hearts, and powers that I'm missing to get more materials for fusing weapons in hopes of making some good Claws, as well as ranged weapons.

I made a few other weapons in hopes of them being useful enough in multiplayer, but they're still far from what I would consider complete. I currently have...

Needle Palm: Value 270
Ranged: 3.5
Melee: 0

Shot defense +1
Health +2
Shot homing +3
Walking speed +4
Evasion +4

Pretty good homing, I'd like to get Shot range +3 on it if possible.

Kraken Arm: Value 250
Ranged: 0
Melee: 5.5

Health +1
Shaking +1
Shot range +1
Speed +4
Melee combo +1
Knockback recovery +1

This is actually pretty damned powerful. A lot of properties that I don't care for on there, but the melee combo comes extremely close to killing an opponent in one combo. What I usually do with it is shoot shots at an opponent and wait for them to dodge into my melee range. Right after their dodge ends would leave them vulnerable for melee, often making kills if they fall for this fairly straightforward approach. Of course, this strategy is also lacking in defense, so other people with more effective strategies will most likely trump mine.

Dynamo Cannon: Value 248
Ranged: 3.5
Melee: 0

Overall defense +1
Health +5
Shot range +1
Forward-dash cont. fire +1

For longer-ranged-but-still-want-some-shot-homing-action. It's okay, but easily shut down by a rush down character with claws or arms.

Well, seeing how not-so-great these weapons are, and yet they're the best that I have for use in Together Mode, I'm going to need to do a lot more weapon fusing. Hopefully I'll end up with something better before I jump onto Wi-Fi and embarrass myself.


  1. you play lot of different games right?

    1. Oh, definitely. Although whether if I have time to play them as much as I'd like to is another question. XD You see on the right side with a list that says, "Games I'm currently playing"? I usually keep that updated with the ones with higher focus near the top.