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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Journal of a Busy Person. Boring stuff.

Well, it turns out that this work schedule is too much for me to keep up with the blog. It's unfortunate, but I hardly have the free time to plan a post in an environment where I can think without distractions. I wish someone would either get some better taste in music or learn to use headphones... Instead, I have implemented Raptr and my Twitter feed on the side as a pseudo-update to the site. It isn't much, but at least there will be something new to see on the site until I finish moving to the new house.

Also, I have to say, Steam's Summer Sale this year was pretty neat, but I ended up only buying 3 games and a soundtrack. Regardless, I was able to complete the badge via collecting all the Trading Cards for the Summer Sale. I have to say, it's a neat system, and I'm pretty interested in collecting more cards now. There's a good chance that you'll be seeing games that gives cards in my Raptr feed for a while because of it.

Speaking of trading cards, I'm surprised to see that my Dark Summoner Monster Giveaway isn't taking off. I've only given out 3 monsters so far. The previous three giveaways I did were a success, but things have changed. I also want to know why Dark Summoner wants to limit our trades with Trade Tickets or whatever. I may not be able to do any more giveaways if gifting monsters continues to cost tickets to do.

That's all I can post here for now, and I'd like to do a progress report on my games again, since I haven't done one in forever. I feel the need to talk about Project X Zone some, and all these Steam games that I'll be playing will have some details I'm sure.

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